Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Is In Good Company

In light of everyone harping about Mayor Duterte’s comment about the traffic issues caused by Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines earlier this year. The issue reminds me a lot of Gandhi. Who said, “l like Christ, but l don’t like the Christians.” Though the mayor is guilty of badmouthing time and time again, he went overboard this time. And now even those leaning to him are kind of hesitant to pursue their support of Duterte. And thanks to the sharks having overblown his bad jest. They have taken the jest out of context, and the result is his enemies are now feasting on the opportunity to discredit the noble and honest mayor. l believe that Duterte should simply apologize to those he offended. But the eagle of the south is no weakling. He is a gladiator that doesn’t back off against a challenge and has now decided to defend himself against his attacker. The church itself. [*]

l am pretty sure that Mr. Duterte has at the very least, a considerable knowledge of both secular and church history. If l am right, then I am sure he knows of what history tells us about the many abuses and atrocities of the church. Thus, we can imagine the outcome of any debate with his opponents.

Jose Rizal and his mighty pen were instrumental in awakening the fighting spirit of the so called Indios by the Spanish colonists. His epic works, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, had both depicted the abuses of the Catholic friars of his era.

Dutrete and ReligionNow, has the church ever apologize for its crimes, not only against Filipinos, but to humanity as a whole? The French intellectual Voltaire, was a good gentleman and could have been seen as an almost perfect man if not for the Churches abuses that set his heart towards bitterness and rebellion. In the end, the church had turned him into a confirmed atheist. Should God have forgiven him? But then again, if God is truly fair, the lashes that belong to Voltaire must be given to those church leaders responsible for his eventual bitterness.

Not only Voltaire suffered this type of persecution. When Galileo used his telescope to determine that the whole universe didn’t revolve around the earth as believed by the arrogance of our religious leaders. The church having been humiliated, condemned the brilliant man and put him under house arrest. When Martin Luther proclaimed that forgiveness of sin lies in Christ and not in indulgences as charged by the church, he was declared a heretic. An enemy of the state.

We can only hope that God will help Rodrigo Duterte destroy the persecution that comes from distorting a dark sense of humour.

TSF note: We personally believe that Francis is laughing at both Mr. Duterte’s comment. As well saddened at the childish handling of his visit and the burden they placed upon his followers.

[*] Originally written by: Jose Fernando

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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