Facebook Posting-Commenting Stupidity, From Start To Finish

Headphones - Big AvatarI am sorry folks. But with the Philippine political activist scene stepping up its activity. I just couldn’t let this go unnoticed. Just prior to this writing. I was involved in what had to be the pinnacle of stupidity. The following is from a recent Facebook posting. And the complete waste of time, that occurred within the comment section afterwards. I shall present the post first, so as to afford you a better understanding of what happened afterwards. My comment just happened to be the 1st towards the post itself. From his initial reply. And until the end. He drove his own post into oblivion. Why? God only knows. Enjoy.

Duterte is a proven material. He was able to achieve economic growth and instill discipline among the people of davao. however, i will have to ask my friends who are supporting duterte to forgive me for pointing out below some of the improvement areas of duterte.

1. ROUGH ON THE EDGES. being mean, coarse and unrefined may work in some local environment. but i am not too sure if the same behavior will be appreciated in the international arena. masarap at inspiring makinig sa mga taong refined, entertaining lang paminsan-minsan ang makinig sa mga barumbado.

2. HIS MOUTH IS HIS WORST ENEMY. We all admire honesty, don’t we? however saying “PI” is not honesty on purpose, but a burst of uncontrolled emotions. duterte should learn when to hold his tongue.

3. MANAGE HIS EMOTIONS. This is where you separate the men from the boys. if one cannot manage his emotions, how can we expect him to manage the country.

again, i apologize.

Jacques Phillip: While he may not be a “spit & polish” kind of statesman. He simply reminds me of T.R. And the fact that he doesn’t insult the memory of the dead, by publicly lying about them.

Junior: Jacques Phillip, how is your comment related to the topic, reminder?

Jacques Phillip: You have a problem deciphering again Junior?

Junior: the right question is, when will you learn to stay in the topic, Jacques Phillip.

Jacques Phillip: I was on topic from the VERY start Junior. So why not ask what part of my comment did you not understand, that made you assume (A classic Filipino trait) I wasn’t on topic?

Junior: so it is true. racist people do not have the enough intelligence to stay in the topic.

Jacques Phillip: And you just proved narrow-minded goofs (such as yourself) haven’t a clue of how to properly decipher what was written. But I will give you a breakdown, so you can have a better understanding of how I have been “on topic” from the START.

  1. The reference to not being a “spit & polish” statesman, actually compliments the OP itself.
  2. T.R. (Teddy Roosevelt) was a straightforward. No nonsense President. Who spoke his mind on a regular basis.
  3. He has never seemed to lie, the way Mar Roxas did, when bullshitting his way through a “live” CNN interview.

Get it now Junior? 110% ON TOPIC!!

Junior: oh dear me. you have been a racist too long, your brain cannot function well enough. that explains your rubbish website.

Jacques Phillip: You REALLY ARE that stupid. Aren’t you Junior? My comment was 100% ON TOPIC!! And you can’t even deal with it. No wonder you had to run off and create you own group. And fill it with like minded people. Which, like the One More Term idiots. Have built nothing more than a sausage fest, that produces nothing of worth. except to stroke each other, while singing praises for which ever goof just happened to come along at that moment.

Junior: you are a living proof that racist people do not have the enough intelligence to understand even the simplest things. it makes me wonder how you can still walk.

Jacques Phillip: Anyway folks. After wasting my time with someone who obviously CANNOT decipher what was read. I am sure you’ll all agree that someone who speaks their mind properly (and directly), is a lot more worthy of ones time. Than a goof, such as Roxas. Who publicly lied about the dead in and around Tacloban. And insulted their memory in the process. And like Teddy Rooselvelt. Rody might not come across as politically correct most of the time. But at least. He means what he says. Straight and to the point. Something “others” might find to hard to hard to deal with.

Ryarin Dahunan-Bontia: Jacques Phillip you are 101% on topic. I dont understand why the other guy couldnt get your point.

Jacques Phillip: He ALWAYS does this with me Ryarin Dahunan-Bontia. He could ask me the colour of the sky. I’d say blue. And he’d still twist it around. I’m never really bothered by it. It’s just hilarious.

Junior: hija, may kasabiihan sa pinas, “connecting one dot to another dot, does tnot make both dots the same”. any dot can be connected with another dot. kahit nga si adolf hitler o michael jackson, maari mai-connect sa OP. we need to know which dot is real and which is just connected. have a nice day.

There you have it folks. The poster himself couldn’t properly decipher the very first comment on his post. And as you can plainly see. Turned the entire situation into a complete waste of time. What drives idiots like this? It was a counterproductive waste of anyone’s time. And achieved absolutely nothing. And this example is just the tip of the iceberg. This kind of bullshit occurs on a minute-by-minute basis.

So take my advice. Unless you enjoy playing with characters such as this goof. I suggest you go find another topic of interest. One that attracts a more eclectic group of people.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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