Philippine Politics Keeps The Nation Ever Divided

Headphones - Big AvatarWhat is it with everyone in this country becoming an “año” of some kind to indicate the name of the town or neighbourhood they live in? I say this after reading a recent GRP (Get Real Philippines) blog post by Kate Natividad, in which she refers to people from one of the 81 provinces as “probinsyanos.” Maybe she does not know that the word “province” has no “B” in it anywhere? Maybe she also does not know that neither does “Davao” when people talk of Davaoños? Perhaps she also does not know that the way you type ñ on a PC is by holding down the “Alt” button while typing the digits 1 6 4? Also, when someone says, “ I am from THE province” I always say, “which province? There are 81 of them.” [*]

I live in Maitim 2nd Central so does that make me a “Maitim 2nd Centralaño?” As an American I can say that very few places in my country get any kind of personalization by it residents although some people might say, “I am a New Yorker (I’m not) or I am a Pennsylvanian (I am)” This claiming to be an “año” only further divides a country much in need of unity rather than division and is counter-productive to society and government here. I see signs everywhere saying, “project of (insert name of politician)” when in fact the project is being paid for by the taxpayers. In Dasmariñas, Cavite local projects say, “Project of the City Government of Dasmariñas in cooperation with (insert name of company or some non-government contributor).” I believe that is the proper way to give credit to government administration, rather than plastering the names of the various officials all over the place with those stupid tarps.

Francis TolentinoEven a privately owned funeral home’s funeral vehicle owned by Bambol Tolentino in Tagaytay has in bright bold letters, “Project of Congressman Bambol Tolentino.” Mind you, this is a company OWNED BY Bambol Tolentino so why did the government buy the funeral vehicle for the company? Further baffling me is seeing along the Coastal Road leading from Bacoor to Pasay are numerous basketball courts with signs saying “project of ******” when that should be an embarrassment in a place with no running water and no trash pick-up. GRP never seemed so appropriate, as when I see inequities such as that. There is a picture of the giant tarp in Tagaytay (which gets changed every couple of weeks at the expense of the taxpayers). The current tarp extolls the “virtues” of Francis Tolentino touting him as some kind of “Father of Tagaytay’s Growth and Progress” when he should in fact be called:

“The Father of Tagaytay’s Destruction Due to Unmitigated Building & Lack of Urban Planning.”

[*] Originally Written by: Jay Lateron

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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