The Aquino Family And Their History of Lies And Deception

So much has been said about the Aquino family. That like the Marcos bunch. No one has a clue of the truth any more. But here’s the ironic part of what happens when the history books are written by the so-called victors. And in the case of these two families. This it what the people have either been taught, or shielded. All the people have been taught that the Aquino name represents good. And the Marcos name is bad. And here is where it gets interesting.

The Marcos era is pretty much remembered for Martial Law. The alleged human rights atrocities. And supposedly stealing from the nations coffers. Now, while Martial Law was between 1972-81. Yet no one ever seems to talk about what occurred between 1965-72. In short. The Philippines saw massive infrastructure projects that weren’t matched by his combined predecessors. Nor improved upon, since the EDSA1 disaster of 1986.

On the Aquino side of things. The history books paint them as some kind of saintly goody goody crew, that could do no wrong. On the contrary, a little homework paints a completely different picture. One of deceit, collaboration, and Communist ideals.

The following focuses upon the two generations prior to the seriously faulty activities of current President, BS Aquino III.

Benigno Aquino Sr. Collaborated With The Axis Powers

It’s strange you know. When President Aquino went to Japan, he actually went as far as to compare the People’s Republic of China to Nazi Germany. However, if you take a look at his family’s records, nothing screams “Nazi” more than some of the actions of his predecessors.

Laurel (left) being taken into U.S. custody at Osaka Airport in 1945, along with Benigno Aquino, Sr. (center) and José Laurel III.
Laurel (left) being taken into U.S. custody at Osaka Airport in 1945, along with Benigno Aquino, Sr. (center) and José Laurel III.

The truth is, Benigno Aquino Sr. openly collaborated with the Japanese during World War II. He was among those chosen by the Imperial Army of Japan to be one of the puppet leaders of the Philippines along with President Jose P. Laurel at the time. We can assume that while the infamously barbaric soldiers of Japan went about pillaging villages, slaughtering farmers and raping women, Benigno Aquino Sr. simply sat back and enjoyed the view.

Surprisingly enough though, after the war ended, Benigno Aquino Sr. was pardoned by President Ramon Magsaysay and was spared from arrest and execution as was often the case with those who chose to collaborate with the Axis Powers. To put this in perspective, in France, both Philippe Petain and Pierre Laval, two of France’s leaders in World War II were arrested for treason with Laval getting executed for his troubles with Petain only being spared because of his advanced age. Another example would of course be Wang Jingwei, the head of state in China at the time, who became the most hated man in all of China for screwing over his people to the brutal reign of Imperial Japan and, after the war, his name became synonymous to “traitor” among many Chinese.

Benigno Aquino II Was A Troublemaker At Harvard

True enough, Benigno Aquino II, President Aquino’s father did stay at Harvard.

What the media doesn’t tell us however is that he just stayed there as a kind of refugee. He never wrote a book there, he never studied there and he sure as heck wasn’t respected there. He is, for all intents and purposes, no different from the Syrian refugees fleeing their own country and seeking asylum elsewhere. It just so happens that Americans thought that he was kinda smart and decided to let him stay in one of their more prestigious institutions.

ninoy-aquinoHowever, with little to no gratitude, he had to go and insult the kindness the Americans offered him. Instead of behaving, he went on to recruit people to the Communist cause. In short, instead of being thankful to the Americans for giving him sanctuary, he spat at their generosity.

No wonder the 1987 Constitution refuses to accept foreign teachers. Because if we did, we’d all find out just what kind of ungrateful charlatans the Aquinos really are.

The Mendiola Massacre

So, people think that Cory Aquino is a saint and that Ferdinand Marcos was a tyrant…

Well, sorry to burst your little bubble but Cory Aquino was indeed involved in the Mendiola Massacre. Of course, while she probably wasn’t there personally, she was nonetheless in command of the men who did the killing. At least up to a dozen farmers were killed and about thirty-nine others were seriously wounded when the personal gunmen of the Aquino administration opened fire on protesters who only wanted to be given what was due to them.

Mendiola Massacre Victims - SmallTruth be told, the real reason Cory Aquino probably opposed the Marcos regime wasn’t because of her husband’s untimely death (which is sometimes rumored to have been orchestrated by her of family all along) but because Ferdinand Marcos wanted to distribute the lands of Hacienda Luisita to the farmers who had worked on it for so long.

In the end, when one looks back on the way things went, even if Ferdinand Marcos wasn’t a benevolent leader, Cory Aquino was really no different or probably much worse. If there’s anything she really did right, it was simply her clever manipulation of the media in covering up her mistakes and atrocities. So while Ferdinand Marcos was no angel, this does not at all imply that Cory Aquino was some sort of saint. At the end of the day, Cory Aquino was just another power-hungry politician who was all too willing to kill to get what she wanted.

Maybe it’s time for you people to rethink where you have come from. And where these people and their obviously corrupt politics have taken you?

[*] Thanks go to Grimwald from GRP for giving me something to work with.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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10 thoughts on “The Aquino Family And Their History of Lies And Deception

  1. Dear Fellowmen,

    Since our colonization from Spain, USA and few years from Japan and until we had our fake liberation from the US. We never had a chance to know our own identity. We had relied from the families of politicians from the post World War II era to this day. Obviously they played us as their pawns for their own personal benefit. Nothing really came to resolve our nationwide problems and yet more problems are created by the same people.
    As you have noticed Federal Governance has been applied in most of rich nations it may have bits of fallout but still proven effecrive. Western Nations has been applying it same as Singapore and Malaysia.

  2. Mayor Duterte and Sen. Trillanes are pro-federal governance. It’s time to give our future generations a break from corruption from public officials. They had proven their honesty and integrity. VOTE DUTERTE/TRILLANES 2016

  3. Good day, Jacques!
    There’s more to Ninoy Aquino in Harvard than just merely attending Harvard. Soon, we’ll reveal the Filipino Harvard boys, in politics and business, who conspired to take Marcos down and replace him with the oligarchs. BTW, the oligarchs are the Harvard boys and girls. Notice why no Filipino in Boston ever revealed anything about the Aquino’s true time there?….. Because it’s all for nothing.

  4. Now that another Marcos is aiming for a high position in the government, Mr. Phillip is trying to show that the Marcoses were the good ones, and their political rival, the Aquinos, were the bad once, did he really experienced living here in the Philippines during the Marcos’s era? From mid 1960’s when Ferdinand was elected to be the president to the time when they escaped from Malacanan during the February revolution? I have lived the supposedly best years of my life here in Manila and have experienced the ill effects of the Marcos’ s reign. Am not an ally of the Aquinos, and I’m not living in the Philippines as I have migrated to the US, but Mr. Phillip, you cannot change what really happened in the Philippines nor change what happened to me and to the other millions of Filipinos who where here during the Marcos reign.

    1. Too bad you missed the point Roberto. Maybe you could enlighten us as to why you relocated to the US? I am sure it had nothing to do with a better job, or improved upon life. As for whining over the Marcos spilt milk? Maybe it is now YOU who need to give the last 30 years a closer examination. Because your precious Democracy has been nothing but a lie.

    2. I beg to disagree. I grew up in a place where in leftist insurrection was the order of the day. The fear of being taken at night and end up 6ft under the ground the following day was not a far fetched reality. Peasants were being manipulated and forcefully indoctrinated to a political belief that promises heaven and earth but in reality it was simply to push their own political agenda, with complete disregard to human lives. When martial law was proclaimed, my place was militarized and after just over 3months we felt a complete turn around as we can sleep soundly any time of the day, we can now bring our agri produce to town without being harassed, kids are able to play from dusk to dawn, go to school and peasants can now work on their land to bring food on their tables. Infrastructure program was everywhere, from electricity to road and bridges from army corps of engineers. Thru this program we are able to go to school, gain degrees, return home and share to the community the fruits of our sacrifice. To this date my province produces more PMA or PNPA graduates than any province in the Philippines. We owed it much to martial law and we are willing to give it back to the community even it meant giving the ultimate sacrifice…. our life NOW TELL ME, DO YOU REALLY EXPERIENCED MARTIAL LAW… HISTORY DICTATES THAT ONLY OLIGARCHS CLASS SUFFERED DURING THIS DAYS……

  5. Mula kay Cory hanggang sa kanyang anak ang mga mamayan ay nawalan ng disiplina,ang martial law na idineklara ni Pangolong Marcos ay napakaganda,nagging matahimik ang aming lugar dito sa Nueva Ecija,dati patayan araw araw,nakawan,siga siga ang May mga implowensiya sa buhay.Ngayon naman sumobra ang kalayaan ng Filipino na walan ng disiplina labis labis ang nakawan sa gobyerno.Isang Marcos pa muli ang dapat mamuno sa ating bansa.

    1. Lahat kayo ay nalilito. Ang dapat nyong tandaan ngayon ay yung magandang pagbabago ng ating gobyerno. Naalis na ang mga politikong walang alam at pinaguusapan ulit ng mga mamayan ang mga dahil sa politika. Ang mga boses ng mga Pilipino ngayon ay meron ng kapangyarihan para ituwid ang bansa. Tayo ngayon ang pinata malakas sa social media, isipin nyo kung gaano kalakas ang tulak natin sa buong mundo.

  6. “…. Surprisingly enough though, after the war ended, Benigno Aquino Sr. was pardoned by President Ramon Magsaysay and was spared from arrest and execution as was often the case with those who chose to collaborate with the Axis Powers. ..”
    Mr. Jacques Phillip, you say yo are an expat. Maybe that could be the reason for your above “deliberate” mistake. Ramon Magsaysay was our country’s President from 1953 to 1957, so how could he DO the “pardoning”? … READ: Arrest and collaboration charges===>
    In December 1944, as the combined Filipino and American forces continued their advance to liberate the Philippines from Japanese forces, the government of the Second Philippine Republic was moved to Baguio which included Aquino before they flew to Japan where together with other officials they were arrested and imprisoned at the Sugamo Prison when the Japanese surrendered. On August 25, 1946, Aquino was flown back to the Philippines for his trial on treason charges by the People’s Court[disambiguation needed], a few weeks later he was released on bail.
    On December 20, 1947 he died of a heart attack at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Manila while watching a boxing match. His widow Dona Aurora died in 1998.

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