The Never Ending Idiocy of Persona Non Grata

Once again, Persona Non Grata rears it comically stupid head. And this time, it’s against a beauty pageant contestant who simply reported what she claimed to have been a bad experience here in the Philippines. Not that it should come as a big surprise to most. The following is the primary report, regarding this immense waist of tax payers time and money. After which, I will offer my additional two cents.

Rufus Rodriguez of the city’s 2nd District yesterday filed a proposed House resolution to declare Miss New Zealand-Pancontinental Nicole Harding persona non grata over her rants on social media that placed the city in a bad light.

Rodriguez filed the three-page proposed resolution at the House Committee on Tourism.

Harding quit the international beauty pageant, and left the city two Sundays ago due to poor accommodation and lack of preparation by organizers. She compared the city to Afghanistan, and alleged that a local official told her that the city was dangerous to foreigners like her.

Rodriguez also asked the House tourism committee to start an investigation into the controversial pageant, and to look into Harding’s claims of shabby treatment by organizers.

According to Rodriguez, Harding’s complaint was “malicious and false,” and harmed the city’s reputation.

“There is a further need to look into the malicious and irresponsible statement made by Ms. Harding in order to verify if such statement are true and if proven otherwise, to hold her persona non grata for disparaging the city of Cagayan de Oro and to request the Bureau of Immigration to put her name on the blacklist that she may never be admitted in the Philippines,” reads part of Rodriguez’s proposal.

He also asked the House to summon the pageant’s national organizer Mylene Miranda, local organizers Lourdes Stanley and Cheryl Macale, and tourism officials  in Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro.

Nicole HardingSo there you have it folks. Once again the Philippines refused to deal with open criticism. Instead of asking themselves as to why she had such things to say. They ignored reality, and punished her honesty. What the hell is wrong with you people? You do realize of course, this will only add fuel to the fire. Right? I would fully expect her to add a few quips she might have been hesitant to mention.

This bullshit is identical to what happened earlier this year, to a tourist who had travelled in and around Sorsogon. He gave an honest assessment of the place. And in the process, made mention of the garbage being largely ignored by the city itself. And piling up. What was his reward for being honest? You guessed it! Persona Non Grata. And the garbage is still being ignored.

What is with you idiots? Do you honestly believe that killing the messenger is going to solve your problems? What the hell are you so afraid of? That the world just might discover it’s mostly a garbage dump, as well as a war zone in and around the country? Clean up your fucking garbage. And start demanding that your leaders stop coddling all these pathetic terrorist groups running around.

Just keep up your butthurt mentality. Sooner or later, you’re not going to have a single tourist coming to visit you. And not because you kicked them all out. But because they are going to more invitingly exotic destinations, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. So get your head out of your asses for a change. and clean up your act.

Side note: Follow the link below, to get a honest assessment of exactly what’s going on here in your country.

The foremost authority on what’s going on around the world, delivers their findings on the Philippines as a whole.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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2 thoughts on “The Never Ending Idiocy of Persona Non Grata

  1. This whole “persona non grata” thing is nothing but childishness. Only children would get insulted and want to kick out people who have been mistreated and then reported what happened. Why on earth are Filipinos more concerned with “insults” when the insult is warranted? From every report in the paper and in the media that pageant was in no way “organized” and the contestants were shabbily treated and placed in second rate hotels. Read this article in the CDO Sun Star Daily,

    “Department of Tourism (DOT) Regional Director Catalino Chan III said they will summon the local partners of the event to clear up what went wrong.” Chan said that while Harding’s statements were untrue, he is worried these may have a negative impact on the region’s tourism industry.

    That statement is simply false when talking about human traffickers. I’ve lived in that area and every time I’ve walked around the downtown area I’ve been approached by “mama sans” asking if I want a “date” with some working girl. THAT folks is human trafficking.

  2. SE Asian cultures do not like criticism. Especially, if warranted. So, those who think that Filipinos are now ” Spanish”or ” Americans” do not get the point.

    I don’t think PNG is needed for that person. She won’t be coming to the Philippines again, anyway.

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