The Simple Advantageous Truth of Federalism

Orion PerezFolks, please read the following and internalize its ideas when issuing rebuttals against these anti-Federalism people who keep idiotically insisting that Federalism will cause more dynasties within the Philippines.

The people who insist that Federalism will further entrench political dynasties are totally ignorant of the fact that Federalism will force regional leaders to shape up precisely because this time, the leaders will be unable to sustain themselves with funding from the central government because now they will have to live primarily on the taxes they collect from within their specific areas.

Under the current model, provinces remit most of what they make to Manila and only retain a small share. Then Manila redistributes funds to the leaders and politicians in the provinces via the pork barrel system.

Under Federalism, the system is based on sink or swim.

If you vote stupid leaders as the regional leaders and they fuck up the economy, then they will also have fewer funds to work with because they will have less taxed to collect. The federal (central) government will not be obliged to support them.

It is up to these leaders to attract businesses and investors into their areas in order to create employment and have a wider tax base.

The anti-Federalism lobby is composed of stupid and ignorant people who prefer to stick to the lousy status quo. And prefer to spread lies. Filipinos need to use their brains so as to avoid being fooled by such idiots.

Besides, you cannot just do Federalism alone anyway. You need to open up the Philippines to foreign investments so that the regional governments can attract foreign investors to set up operations there and create jobs. You also need parliamentary systems at the regional level to ensure that the quality of leadership is better and less prone to celebrity and dynasties.

The anti-Federalism idiots don’t even realize that the problem of dynasties is already present in the current system precisely because they can simply rely on the pork barrel funds. Under Federalism, if you are the leader of your region, you need to be great at making your region continually attractive to investors, so that they continue to pour in, create jobs, and thus you will have taxes to collect.

Under federalism, you can no longer rely on the national government to fund you. You fund your region by inviting investment, and through the aggressive promotion of economic activity and job creation.

Politicians will no longer be able to “enrich themselves” without first creating lots and lots of jobs. And because under Federalism, they will no longer be able to receive that “free money” from the Capital through the pork barrel.

Originally written by Orion Perez

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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One thought on “The Simple Advantageous Truth of Federalism

  1. The best type of government for a divided Philippines!Other ethnic groups will rise and conglomerate effectively, not just the tagalogs. This will also lessen the influence of the catholic church. Tax them, they are making so much money and channel them to the Vatican

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