Advice: Why Bother, If They Really Don’t Want It?

Headphones - Big AvatarHere we go again. Persona Non Grata, Facebook style. Last year, one of our crew members here at TSF, was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to offer his advice on a specific issue regarding something about the Filipino political scene. And within 24 hours, got a notice from Facebook, he could no longer post or comment for 30 days, due to it violating their community standards.

Really now?

People post some of the most vile shit ever seen on social media. Such as images of murdered children. Women having been beaten and raped. And any other garbage that has shown the true nature of man. And one of our team gets bumped for speaking the truth?

And as such. One of our staff recently got the 30 day bump from Facebook. Who, this time around, was nice enough to point out the reason. While there is no need to go into the specifics of the matter. It was obvious to us here, that someone’s paper-thin ego had once again been bruised, as they were smacked upside the head with the harsh reality of being so ignorantly stupid regarding their support for current presidential candidate, Mar Roxas. They always remind us, as foreigners, we know nothing of Philippine politics. And should mind our own business.

Well, as we have pointed out on numerous occasions. We have a few reasons for butting in on your seriously flawed political system.

  1.  Many of us have families here. That alone, does make it our business. Especially since we want to see a more improved life and future for our children.
  2. And of course the obvious. As foreigners, we will more than likely do our homework on things here. Something you people seem incapable of doing.

Andrew And MarBut instead of trying to carry on any kind of logical debate. Some idiot(s) decided any level of criticism coming from a foreigner, was far too much to handle. So they reported our guy(s) to Facebook. What do these nitwits believe will be accomplished by this? In reality, all they did was reveal their inability to handle criticism. Which sadly, appears to be an age old Filipino trait. Anyone, foreign or domestic, who is slightly critical of how these people handle their lives, and current state of being. Are immediately deemed an insurrectionist. And must be dealt with accordingly.

From this writers perspective. They just don’t want to hear anything critical or otherwise from anyone. Unless it features some kind of praise for them directly. Or one of their own. This way, their ego won’t be bruised. And their pride can soar to the heavens. Pure bullshit indeed. And speaking of the ego problem. Here are 3 perfect examples of just how childishly stupid the whole “Pinoy Pride” can be, when taken to the most extreme.

  1.  The recent crowning of Pia Wurtzbach as Miss Universe 2016. A woman born in Stuttgart, Germany, to a German father. And Filipina mother. Nothing truly Pinoy about her. But they went nuts.
  2.  Australian golfer, Jason Day. Born and raised in Beaudesert, Queensland. No one gave a shit about him, until he won a major tournament last year. Suddenly, because he has a Filipina mother – who moved to Australia in 1980, mind you – everyone is dancing in the streets again.
  3.  Jessica Sanchez, who was a major contender for American Idol in 2012. Was born and raised in East L.A. And the Filipinos were demanding global attention.

Anyway, enough with that flawed headache. Filipino’s seem more concerned with how they appear to the world. Yet, when someone points out the slightest infraction. They go absolutely nuts? Why the hell is that such a problem for you people? It’s actually constructive criticism, and nothing more. Last year, a tourist in Sorsogon reported the trash as unsightly and appearing ignored. The city officials, in their infinite wisdom, had him tagged Person Non Grata. While the garbage in question, is still being ignored to this day. And you wonder why we laugh and tag you people as ignorant?

You people can boot, ban or block us til the cows come home. It will never amount to anything productive, until you people get your act together. And start questioning why we say some of these things. And how to fix, repair or improve upon what has been observed as fault ridden. But that would involve a combination of intense thought and hard work. Something you people no longer seem to want to latch on to. Thus, it’s so much easier to sweep us under the rug, to be largely ignored. Or in your case… forgotten.

No problem at all. Keep sweeping. Eventually all that dust your ignorance had accumulated under the rug, will become one hell of a lump that’ll you will trip over. And fall flat on your face. Or maybe your ass? As you step backwards, in the hope of avoiding more reality.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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