Binay Will Win And It F**king Scares Me

Maria Liavel Chua BadilloAir-conditioned Piggeries, anyone? [*] To those who might get mad at this article, you can kiss my pretty ass. Because of what just happened, I realized one thing. Why are we so afraid? Last time I checked, we live in a democratic country. Abraham Lincoln defined it as:”Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Eh yun naman pala e.


In that context, our brand of democracy is a modern-day paradox. While majority of Filipinos are poor, they are actually led by rich and powerful dynasties. What this fact proves is that Filipinos are not ruled by leaders who can truly represent them. The future of the country’s 26 million poor is in the hands of the old order—powerful clans, rich businessmen and influence peddlers. The paradox does not end there. For instance, there is no evidence of bad governance more obvious than the kawawang lives that normal people have to go through each day. While our Politicos ride expensive cars, the middle class, and the poor struggle each day to get a decent means of public transportation. A sitting public official even pointed at one point during an interview that people just have to be patient.

Gago ka ba? Anong patient? Kayo ba ang may mga employers na magkakaltas ng sweldo pag malate ka sa trabaho? Are you suggesting that the ordinary commuter join a mile-long queue, take a two-hour bus trip to his destination, or walk under the heat of the searing midday sun? How do you define ‘patient’? Kaululan! Pa-Harvard, Harvard ka pa. Common sense mo, kulang naman.

Being a student of the law, I can draw out a conclusion that democracy, similar to due process, is about two things: substance and procedure. This has been taught to us by our diligent professors and for that, I am grateful. But what are on books are not what shall be imbued realistically. Kakalungkot. Nakaka-dismaya.

Distinctively, the very gist of democracy or its intrinsic worth is about, to wit: The liberties of people; The equitable distribution of wealth; and the recognition of people on the basis of their dignity as human beings.

In its procedural aspect, democracy is about rules or just procedures which allow people from every margin to be able to express their desires and not to be dominated or discriminated by those who are in positions of power and authority, whether in private or in public.

For instance, federalism has a lot of promise, but put in the wrong hands of the same cabals who control, manipulate and exploit the lives of the poor, it will simply become another experiment gone wrong. A system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and constituent political units might look good because it can regulate everything into perspective but in the Philippines?



Imagine this: Pumikit ka kung kailangan mo mag-imagine pero I am telling you. Mangyayari ito. If Jejomar Binay wins the election, he will simply continue the world-renowned Filipino tradition of patronage politics. Diba. Nakakadiri. Nakakaumay. Remember what his beautiful daughter once declared on National TV?
“A family of politicians can be likened into a family of doctors.” Tangina! Hindi ko alam anong klaseng brain you have, Senator Binay. Pati fashion decisions mo, wala ako respeto. Safe to conclude that I do not have any ounce of respect for you.

We already saw a glimpse of this when his very mayabang and papogi son Jejomar Jr got in trouble with Dasmarinas Village authorities after he insisted on using the wrong exit point of the posh gated community. It remains to be seen just how far Binay is willing to defend his family. Paano pa his amigos and amigas that have been religiously supporting his plight of corruption?


Yan mangyayari. The Patriarch of the Binay Household promises to use impartiality once elected but do you believe that? Honestly, do you? I remember my Father and I talked about this some time ago. The Boy Scout Binay might let the three senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla off the hook because they are members of his political party. The three have been facing corruption charges involving the use of their pork barrel funds.

Even though nepotism and favoritism are already rampant in the Aquino Administration the presence of Binay’s immediate family members in government particularly in Congress gives a stronger impression that the Binay family will act like royalty if he wins the Presidency.


HOUSE OF BINAY: How classy (trashy) noh? The funny thing is, all these years Filipinos didn’t care or notice how the Binays slowly managed to get elected in the most powerful positions in government. It’s only now that he is being scrutinized that people realized how powerful the Binays have become. Some say his children already behave arrogantly now and their behavior could get worse if their father becomes the President. How about retribution? I can almost see the numbers of charges skyrocket against those who are going against the Binays once Atty/VP Binay wins the presidency.

Lagot kayo! Lalo ka na, Aquino and friends.

Sigurado ako, mangunguna nanaman si Nancy Binay in her green gown sa SONA ng Daddy niya. Also, a Binay Reign would mean more dole outs, bigger Conditional Cash Transfers and a resurrection of the pork barrel funds, and Disbursement Acceleration Program. Binay has endeared himself to the voters by giving away freebies including free cakes to senior citizens using public funds. Anong klaseng cake ba ito at milyones ang nagagastos?! Pahinge. Patikim kahit isang bite lang. Tangina, kakaiyak. Abogado yan. Matalino yan. Kaya niyang gawin yan. I do think that Binay might win this election. Mananalo si Mokong. Money talks. It talks a great deal especially to people who have nothing but their pride to sell.

I pray for a miracle. I pray to God that the Philippines be the country that we once were. The country that fought for its freedom. Nakakatakot para sa mga taong hindi kaya lumaban. I fear for those people who take everything as it is. Who cannot fight. Those who cannot stand up for themselves.

A Binay Presidency is fucking scary, indeed. Particularly since President Aquino already paved the way for disrespecting the rule of law and routinely ignoring calls for accountability.


So, where do you live? I live in Binay Republic. Pwe!

[*] Originally written by: Maria Liavel Chua Badillo

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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One thought on “Binay Will Win And It F**king Scares Me

  1. What does Abraham Lincoln have to do with the Philippines? PI needs to find and flourish in its own form of government; not follow some foreign model that may or may not fit its unique needs. There’s room for latitude of governmental design within the democratic framework… assuming that’s what the populace wants… which is not at all clear.

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