BS Aquino Was Advised Not To Send Aid To The Trapped SAF44

Headphones - Big AvatarWhen I hear of stories such as what follows. I have to ask myself, “Who is truly the dumber here?” On one hand, we have the bumbling, ever-popular – in a negative sense – Philippine President, BS Aquino. His assortment of equally bumbling advisors, cohorts, minions and whatnot. And then the people themselves. And the only reason I brought the people into the equation, is simply because after a year now, nothing has been done to bring any kind of proper closure to this massacre. And the people sit idly by, doing nothing at all.

President BS Aquino was reportedly advised by Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Teresita Deles, not to send reinforcements to the embattled Special Action Force (SAF) members caught in a firefight with Moro rebels, in order not to derail the peace process, a police source said.

The source mentioned that not only was Aquino informed of the covert SAF operation to arrest Malaysian terrorist and bomb expert, Zulkifli bin Hir, otherwise known as Marwan, but he was also monitoring the situation in real-time when the police officers were ordered to jump off in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last year.

He said the President was already positioned in Zamboanga City so he could travel to Maguindanao immediately after Marwan and his Filipino counterpart, Basit Usman, were captured.

Ferrer and Deles
Teresita Deles (right) and government peace panel chair Professor Miriam Coronel-Ferrer

“But when the operation went out of control as the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and the BIFF (Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters) joined forces in attacking the SAF, the President refused to send any reinforcements, even as the SAF were already crying for help from their beleaguered position,” the source said.

Aquino’s inaction, the source said, had been based on Deles’ advice. They (Aquino and Deles) had become so obsessed with the peace agreement, they wanted to save the Bangsamoro Basic Law as they believed it was the last piece for Aquino to earn serious kudos with the people. And maybe even the Nobel Peace Prize.

The source said Aquino could have ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines to send reinforcements to the SAF troops battling with the Moro rebels since the MILF and the government called for a ceasefire at a little past 6am. And the the nearest Army base was only about one kilometer away from where the gun battle had occurred.

A total of 44 SAF members died in the clash. The government had, in 2014, signed a comprehensive peace agreement with the MILF in an effort to end the decades-long secessionist movement in Mindanao.

So really folks? Just how much more of this are you going to tolerate? The BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law) is once again surfacing, as Senator Frank Drilon is attempting to force it through for passage. And the families of the “Fallen44” are still waiting for some kind of compensation for their loss. So after knowing about what you just read. Let me ask you a simple question, leading up to this years elections.

“Do you really believe an incompetent, such as Mar Roxas. The former head of the DILG. A man who was purposely kept in the dark about the entire, above mentioned operation. Is worthy of giving this country another 6 years of the same shit you’ve been forced to swallow since 2010?”

Partial source article can be found here.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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21 thoughts on “BS Aquino Was Advised Not To Send Aid To The Trapped SAF44

    1. Yes its still an issue’, unless it is resolved and justice (compensation) is given to the bereaved families.
      I wonder Mick….. if your dad/ brother/ son was one of the fallen 44, would you still say it’s an old issue????

  1. Haven’t you made a decision before which you believed was the best thing to do but gave negative results?This happens because we are not perfect. People sometimes make mistakes but look at the person in his totality, is he corrupt? Is he thinking of himself before others? He is doing what a God fearing person will do and many more………………….

    1. Too much wrong decisions is incompetence. Being the president and making mistakes is a grave misconduct.In a company situation, he would have been fired. Since he is elected, delicadesa nalang. A true God fearing person humbles himself down and would not sacrifice his people to be slaughtered. A true God fearing person admits his mistakes hindi tinuturo sa mga fallguys. A true God fearing person shall not tolerate evil to flourish…..weeee has this administration REALLY tried to eradicate corruption in it’s system. Just look at the people surrounding him, pabor ni pabor lang yan…

      1. the fact that the incident is only a kilometer away form Militray detachment is enough to consider na may nag utos na wag magpadala ng reinforcement. .Ang lapit nun eh. Buti sana kung utot lang ang tunog ng putukan. . .maniniwala ako. So, Mr Duterte is right at all 2 years ago, sa draft pa lng nakita na nya mag failed ang BBL. . . di ba? kaya Ayawan na tama nga sila Tuwad na daan at hindi tuwid na daan.

      2. I agree that too many wrong decisions is incompetence. I honestly don’t expect the president to be competent in everything, just as the President of the Company should not be expected to be competent in the company’s financials, HR, IT, etc. So it’s expected that the PNoy would be incompetent in warfare and rescue and I would actually blame the SAF leadership for this.

        However, the choice of advisers remain with the President and his insistence to keep that stupid PNP chief, DOTC secretary, DAR secretary, etc. is where is biggest flaws lie. He trust these people too much despite their apparent incompetence.

        Jacques, the fact that the AFP did in fact come to the rescue should be evidence enough that the president did not ignore the cries for help.

  2. reliable or not the fact is this shitty tuwad na daan failed so much, did not do anything to give justice to the 44SAF but rather tried to hide from it. This is one reason they are desperate to win, or get the majority in the next election to make sure they no one could get back on them. I am from Mindanao, and that BBL is going to fail simply because it did not represent the whole people of Mindanao.

  3. John, Mick and Carlos Sevilla are obviously one person. LOL. You can tell by how he writes and comments, really. As for Aquino and most especially Deles, this will bite them in the a** one day. Maybe not now, but they’ll get theirs and it will be sweet. This was already news before – that Deles portrayed a major role in the SAF 44 mess. Can’t stand her or everything she represents. The world is round, folks. Remember that. And yes, I never voted for Aquino and was never a fan of their family. Don’t be judged by those religious acts, if you know what I mean.

  4. until now they hate marcos..cuz they will never be more richer,f marcos still in the position. many years past..nothing change…tinambakan pa nga tayo nang basura nang canada…bakit di palagi naka press..Abs san kana? even now memo not to give bunos to gvt.emp, para ano pa..last year na…baonin ko baka sakali lumamang ako sa yaman ni marcos..

  5. Yes we know it is wrong… Maybe the President is applying a political or Gods well…to sacrifice a few for the sake of all Filipinos..for our country for our flag…for peace… and for development of Mindanao.. Actually im from Mindana! And i experience that war.. Government to rebel…rebel to citizen.. Clan to clan… What ever…. We need peace … He must be thinking about that.. ..

  6. Re-opening the Masasapano massacre is just a waste of time, it’s all for political gimmick. We already know that the president ordered the then suspended purisima to plan the operation, anad that is not proper. Can’t wait to see heads rolled after Pinoy’s term.

  7. It is always my belief human lives is precious. So God has an order: “Thou shalt not kill!” Humans are becoming dumber each day. An example of this is BS Aquino and his yellow shirted followers.

  8. Thank God I was able to immigrate to the West. Majority of filipinos hate and discriminate their own people. Instead of looking for ways to help their countrymen, they instead find ways to maliciously hinder their progress – even on trivial matters. They think that they and their ways are “world class” but they are not. They think that they are special, but they are not.
    Many people all over the world aren’t even aware of the nations existence. You say we are a “resilient people”, but I say there’s a difference between “stupid” and “resilient”, and it’s the former.
    Wala na!
    Tapos na!

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