Why On Earth Vote For Mar Roxas?

Headphones - Big AvatarSome people are so ignorant that they swallow whatever they see in the internet, on television, in the dailies, and what they hear on radio, without digesting the substance of its contents.

Some also think Mar Roxas “knows economics and finance.” If this were true, why then did their family-owned Araneta Enterprises lose billions? So much so that they had to beg for help from their competitor, Ayala Corporation, who has since given the Araneta Center a major facelift. And is successfully managing it now?

Mar Roxas appeared like a sphinx when his much-vaunted “Wharton MBA” was proven to be a dud, having studied only in a BA course and never qualifying to reach the competence to become even just a Wharton MBA student, let alone a graduate.

Mar Lying To Andrew Stevens
Roxas lying to CNN correspondent Andrew Stevens, regarding the dead bodies scattered in and around Tacloban, after Typhoon Haiyan struck in November 2013.

This other claim that he was an investment banker is likewise a major load of shit. For one to become an investment banker, a practising trader/broker must serve as a Managing Director of a legitimate investment house for a minimum period of two years. He must personally be the negotiator of two financial contracts that amount to $100+ million each, AND he must successfully consummate both transactions within the said two years. Roxas was not even a junior trader/broker in any investment house.

An even bigger truckload of “fizzies” is the myth that he is the Father Of The Call Center industry in the Philippines. Intriguing garbage, to say the least. Principally because there were plenty of BPO companies successfully operating in the Philippines, years prior to his becoming the DTI Secretary.

What he really did was to grant a bunch of stupid incentives to the foreign outsourcing companies that in effect stripped the poor Filipino call center agents of their labour rights. And what is that right? Roxas made it possible, against all existing laws, through collective bargaining, to prevent the agents from bargaining for benefits with the help of labour unions that could have been established within the call center companies themselves. To this day, not a single BPO company in the Philippines has a labour union.

Really now? Would you even consider voting for this guy?

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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2 thoughts on “Why On Earth Vote For Mar Roxas?

  1. Are there any positives in your articles? For the sake of fairness and true journalism, I appreciated knowing these about Mar Roxas. I would appreciate knowing about the Why on Earth Vote for the other candidates too. Surely someone as keen and well researched as you would have “real information” about the other candidates right. And as a legitimate journalist, come out with those, too? Unless, you are merely a poser in one or more of their pay lists? I am looking forward to your other articles. Afterwhich, I will await the positives you find in each of them as well. Who knows, with your help the Filipino will no longer be stagnant.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. But I have also noticed that way too many Filipinos asking for help or assistance. Never truly want it in the long run. They end up taking it too personal.

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