Manny Pacquiao: Good Boxer. Worthless Politician!

Headphones - Big AvatarIt’s been almost 2 weeks since Filipino boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao made the serious mistake of not knowing when to shut the hell up. After a lengthy interview, he managed to compare the issue of same sex marriage as being worse than animals. And with that, he sent the entire session spiraling deeper into the bleak abyss of stupidity. Not to mention Nike ending his endorsement contract. And now this idiot is running for a seat in the Senate. Haven’t you people learned your lesson after the Nancy Binay fiasco? Let’s face it. Some people simply do not belong. And Manny Pacquiao definitely ranks towards the top of people who have no business shining a Congressional seat with their ass. So rather than give my opinion on things. I shall allow my friends words to do all the talking. And with his being Filipino. I thought it might sting a little less. Knock yourself out.

When confronted with his absences in congress, Pacquiao replied that although he attended only a total of 4 sessions, he has been busy attending to the needs of his constituency i.e. building houses, basketball courts, what-have-you! Gleaning from his statement, I can say that the Fuckman has no fucking clue of what his job is at all! If he believes that public service is building houses etc. to his constituency, then I will suggest, no plead with him to run for mayor or governor of his province where he can exercise a more direct approach public service. Legislation particularly the senate involves crafting legislative measures and overseeing the operation of government. Subjects which are way above the intellectual capacity and experience of Pacquiao! As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations”!

Pacquiao YawningDespite his “humble” public persona, Pacquiao in reality has a huge ego! He believe that he can be anyone that he wants to be and he can do everything he thinks he can do! Just look at what he is and is doing; an absentee congressman, a Bible quoting charlatan, a basketball player cum coach, a trying really hard singer, actor and TV personality, and soon-to-be senator!

To his supporters and the popularity oriented Filipino voters, ask yourselves this: What in the world will Pacquiao do in the Senate? With absolutely no experience when he was congressman, will he stand to interpellate and be interpellated? Will he quote mainly Biblical passages when defending his bills on the floor? Will he understand international treaties and conventions brought before him? Will he even attend sessions and committee meetings? Well, Let me tell you what he’ll do in the Senate. He’ll absent himself for 6 years and run for president after that! [*]

I would have seriously enjoyed adding another 5 cents as a closing statement. But rather, I’ll send you in the direction of some other reading material, which explains in greater detail the utter stupidity of allowing celebrities and other unqualified maroons to run for political office. As well as the complete idiocy of you people actually electing them to office. In other words. It’s a Showbiz Government. Enjoy.

[*] Portions of this article go to Manny RN

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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