The Philippine Political Arena: A Proven Inbreeding Program

Headphones - Big AvatarWhile recently traveling through Pangasinan, north of Manila. The Wife spotted a campaign banner for Presidential hopeful, Senator Grace Poe. Which just so happened to contain not only her image. But that of her mother, Susan Roces. As well as her deceased father. Former movie icon and action star, Fernando Poe Jr. Along with the tagline: Anak Ni FPJ (Child of FPJ). No campaign slogans – such as the already proven as worthless “Daang Matuwid” slogan, which is being repeated by Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo – or any catchphrases designed to grab ones attentions. Just the mention of being someone’s kid.

Which leads us back to Mar Roxas. He too is playing – or preying – upon his being the son of a former Senator. As well as the grandson of former President, Manuel Roxas. And let us not overlook everyone’s favorite bunch, The Aquinos. A family of highly overrated, under performing shysters who have successfully managed the nation into the ground. And yet, seem to enjoy having been elected and re-elected into key power positions. And God only knows why?

Grace-Poe-campaignIf one takes the time to look around the country’s political landscape. You will discover this phenomenon occurring from the executive level. All the way down to the now, mostly useless Barangay officials. So what drives the voting public to believe there has been some kind of miracle super gene passed down to each new generation that comes along? Which if this were true. Means absolute zero in the case of Grace Poe, since she was adopted. Which begs the question: “Why use adoptive parents, to promote yourself?”

The same could be said of BS Aquino, who was, in 2010, propelled into office, simply because his mother had the good sense to drop dead. During her reign (1986-92) Cory Aquino presided over endless Coup attempts, failings and other shortcomings. As well creating the now legendary 1987 Cory Constitution. A slip of paper many analysts see as nothing more than a protectionist wall, designed to benefit only the nations wealthy elite.

So why then elect the son of such a failure? During his stint as both Senator and Congressman, He did almost nothing. He authored, or co-authored a small handful of bills, that never came to fruition. And as the nations leader, has almost single handedly, run the country into the ground, while the rich have mysteriously gotten only richer.

Leni_RobredoSo along comes Mar Roxas. Another gold spoon fed, spoiled brat of another wealthy family. During much of his political career, he has piggybacked off the efforts of others, such as the Philippine BPO industry. Even his Vice Presidential running mate, Leni Robredo is reminding everyone she is the widow of former DILG Secretary, Jesse Robredo. So what? She hasn’t done much as a public servant. She’s a mediocre attorney, at best. She failed the Bar Exam numerous times, before finally squeaking by. Has no known track record as a trial lawyer. And whatever legal advice she handed out. Simply went to family and friends.

So why vote for her? She has no known manifesto, aside from repeating the same worthless, Liberal Party “Daang Matuwid” bullshit as her already pathetic running mate, Mar Roxas. She runs around the country snapping pictures of herself in rice fields. Sitting with the impoverished. And of course, standing in front of throngs of Lemmings, blindly devoted to her.

So what does all this mean for the Filipino voters? Pretty much two things really. First, they can follow the same old status quo. And simply elect a whole new set of familial shysters.

Or they can finally get over the damage caused by the consumption of too much Yellow Dye #5. And elect servants who have an already existing track record of properly serving their constituents. Whether at the Mayoral level. Or Senatorial.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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One thought on “The Philippine Political Arena: A Proven Inbreeding Program

  1. The root cause of why the people of this country vote for the same political dynasty over and over again is the mainstream media. They dictate the whole narrative, while…

    … most people assume that whatever they see and hear from the media must be true. But that is now changing through internet based forums, like this one.

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