Understanding The Filipino Political Activist Stupidity Incidence

stupidity-medicineOnce again. I have crossed paths with another goofy Pro Aquino / Anti-Marcos nitwit. This time, it involved him posting some now outdated video from 2010, claiming Senator “Bong Bong” Marcos would return 75% of the alleged ill-gotten wealth. In return for he and his family being cleared of all charges. Since it appeared similar to another story I had been told. I decided to leave my two cents. Little did I know. As with my prior situation, this idiot could neither stay on track. Nor could he really come up with anything logical. Let alone even support his own post.

While I tried in vain to spark a debate. It turned out to be pointless conversation from the very start. Enjoy a quick read. And then I will offer an extra nickels worth.

Phillip: Let’s see now. This reminds me of the VERY SAME situation happening in New Zealand, during their restructuring period. The new government simply asked all the thieving shysters from the previous administrations, to return whatever monies were stolen. And all would be forgiven. It worked. No bitching. Screaming. Crying foul. Whining over past transgressions. Or other idiocy. And within a few short months. Everyone and everything went on according to schedule. And TODAY, New Zealand enjoys being in the position as one of the top nations on Earth. Politically and socially.

Which begs the question: will the Philippines actually be satisfied. Or will they do the typical, “that still wasn’t enough. We want more” idiocy, which has been plaguing the nation since Feb 25th, 1986.

Ronald: wrong again. the great plague started end of 1965.

Phillip: Yeah Ronald. Try and convince yourself that all those massive infrastructure projects of the first 10 years were a plague. And the FACT that your so-called plague achieved more than ALL the other presidents combined, means nothing. Right? All you can do is talk shit about ML. And a miniscule amount of people being killed. To people like YOU. The glass will ALWAYS be half empty.

Ronald: there you go again spreading lies as if someone will believe your rubbishes. please stop maling the japanese reparation projects appear as projects of the great plague. so cheap.

Ronald: i have very little respect to people who gets paid to spread lies in favor of the marcos family.

Phillip: I agree Ronald. That’s why I spread the truth for free. And don’t try and play like the Abnoy. And pass responsibility of a Marcos project off to someone else. And keep in mind silly boy. It’s NOT the contractor who’s responsible. It’s the man who brought it here. And in this case. Marcos himself.

Ronald: are you really committed to credit the japanese reparation projects to marcos? what does that make you?

Ronald: what a maroon?

Ronald: let me say this again, i have no respect to people who are slaves to the marcoses, following whatever they want because of a token amount.

Phillip: And let ME say this again Ronald. You haven’t a clue of who I am. What my goals or interests are. Anything about our website, since you refuse to read anything there. As well as your own history. But that is mostly due to the fact that what you DO know, is what was handed you in the 1-sided history books. As for Japan’s reparations, that came to the tune of roughly $900 million between them and America, after the war. Funds that were conveniently laundered away by Grandpa Roxas and HIS cronies.

Get your shit together and grow up. Because all you’re doing here, is giving me more info to write upon.

Ronald: i have no respect to people who has made a career out of spreading lies. pathetic.

So there you have it folks. Another goof who spends more of his time talking out of his ass, than he does actually trying to get truly involved. Like many similar cowards I have running for the hills. He too refuses to even give this website a looksee. Yet babbles endlessly about it being racist, stagnant, rubbish, etc. And as of yet. Has never read a single line here. Thus, a coward like all the others.

Picard FacepalmWhich leads us back to the question of “Understanding The Filipino Political Activist Stupidity Incidence.” These characters are absolutely amazing. They seem to harbour a love of numbers. Be it World Bank statistics. Investment grade upgrades. Or even the level of poverty within the Philippines. Everything they argue, centers around numbers, ratings, percentages, and even computer averages. But never the reality most people experience at the street level, so to speak. For them, reality is a non-existent force. Something that must be disproven at all costs.

A few weeks back, I was in a debate with one of these number freaks, regarding the level of poverty in the country. I argued base numbers. Some percentages. Along with the simple math that went with it. He, on the other hand. Chose to stand by the classic Poverty Incidence numbers. His argument – as always – hearkened back to the President Marcos years. His latest numerical incarnation, claimed a poverty incidence of 58.6% in 1986.

Two things struck me as pointless. First. Why go back 30+ years? And second. Why be so concerned with old numbers that don’t even come close to the nightmare of today. Let alone carry an ounce of relevance? While I was trying to explain the obvious logic that a population of 100 million people, having 26 million living in poverty. translated to 26%. Simple, right? Wrong! He then proceeded to explain how I was wrong, simply because I hadn’t have a clue of how measuring the poverty incidence worked.

Over the course of the next few hours – depending on his response time – he simply kept pointing out the incidence issue, along with my ignorance. But never once even made an attempt to give a short synopsis of how it worked. Even though I asked him a couple of times, to enlighten those of us tied to his posting at that time. Which obviously gave us the clue, he himself had no idea what he was talking about.

I can only recommend that characters such as these, bone up on their personal knowledge of things, before they try and hold their own in a debate. especially if they are expected to defend their own postings. Otherwise, they will surely continue the process of increasing the numbers within the Filipino Political Activist Stupidity Incidence.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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