How An Open And Honest Letter Gets Someone A Death Threat

Open Letter GirlRecently Rachel Amestoso posted what she referred to as an “Open Letter to Mar Roxas.” And in doing so. Caught the eye of an enormous amount of readers. Sadly, somewhere in the mix. She also garnered a number of death threats. The following contains the writers original letter, followed by here reaction to peoples idiocy only a few hours later. We have chosen to carry her letter for all to see, since it simply follows the premise of what you people claim is Freedom of Speech. And the very fact that people have reacted the opposite. Only further confirms the divisiveness plaguing your nation today. [*]

Dear Mar Roxas,

1. Please stop requiring Government employees to vote for you. They have been serving this country for years, let them serve their hearts’ interests this time.

2. Please stop saying all pending projects of the LGU will not be funded if you lose in this coming election. These projects are for the welfare of your countrymen, not to be delayed for its recognition under your supposed administration and not to be rejected should you lose.

3. Please stop requiring Filipino Soldiers to check your name on their ballots. If they want Duterte, kindly give them that. They have already given up most of their desires in life to protect this country.

4. Please stop saying 4Ps members will no longer be receiving their monthly allowance once you lose and saying instead that you will have it increased once you win. Most members of rural communities will be willing to exchange their votes just to have the money they will need to sustain their hungry families every single day. Survival is their topmost priority. Stop depriving them of what you have been depriving them for years.

5. Please stop taking the OFWs’ right to vote. You have already taken from them their right to live a better life in this country by being corrupt and pretentious. Let them grab the chance to help bring change in this country by not voting for you.

Lastly, SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT YOLANDA AND TACLOBAN. Yes indeed. You were there, but You had not done anything to help, you crazy guy. In truth, you are more devilish when compared to Vice President Binay. Yuck!

With hate & so much more,

The post I made was not meant to go viral. But the fact that some people are telling me to take it down or watch out for my life from now on is exactly why we have to fight for a change in the current system. You argue a lot about living in fear under Duterte’s rule, but you haven’t noticed the fear that has crippled you all these years. You are more concerned with your safety than the life of the future generations.

[*] Originally written by: Rachel Amestoso


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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3 thoughts on “How An Open And Honest Letter Gets Someone A Death Threat

  1. Whoever threatened her with death for this common sense post should not be threatened with death themselves, but should be MADE dead!

  2. For saying the truth you get death threat! Worry not. The truth will set you free. We are one with you!

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