How Being Self Righteous Blocks The Logic of A Federal Parliament

You Filipinos are so full of yourselves. Do you think you are free now? You do not have democracy here. You have an Oligarchy which has sold itself as a democracy. It is full to its back teeth with crony capitalists owned and controlled by just 10 families. EDSA was a scam and now no one wants to accept that they were scammed. You speak of your collective behaviours. Yet, where are they on display to fight that? At least Rodrigo Duterte is offering to redefine the way the country is governed and give you back what was stolen from you these past 3 decades. He talks of creating a federalised state and a parliamentary system of rule, surely that is way ahead of anything the current despots offer. Even Retired Chief Justice Renato Puno recognizes this, he knows it has to end. Why are so many Filipino blind to this truth?

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Click on the image to read his quote.

I have worked in the field of reform in other countries, my comments and knowledge are based on FIRST HAND experience in doing this, and I know it works. It is what Singapore, Australia and New Zealand did. And along with numerous others, it is not to be some fly by night scam. But something that works. I would not offer my thoughts based on some whim or fancy. That I promise you.

The issue I see with so many here in the Philippines, is they claim self righteously that they are good and do no wrong, and the problem is always someone else. They have what I call the mirror disease. The want everyone else to wake up and change but will not do so themselves, because they fail to see the face in the mirror as being a part of the problem, and until they do their country will not progress.

You can have all the experience you like of living in a situation, but it is a totally different can of worms knowing how to fix it. You can drive a car full of faults, but do you know how to do the repairs? For that you employ a mechanic who knows how to do it. The intelligent do not try and do it themselves for danger of making it worse. Reform of political systems is a whole different field and I see no one in the Philippines with any experience or knowledge in it. They all second guess and so forth, but I see no one here except perhaps for businessman Antonio Javier Belzunce as having any first hand knowledge of actually working in the discipline here.

Someone once asked me, “Mayor Duterte is not the path to progress. He is a throwback.

So a change of governmental process is not needed in your opinion? You want the current Oligarchy system where the country is controlled by 10 families to continue on then?

I could not comment on a recent discussion some were having regarding the much needed reforms, but those types of people are exactly why this country is in so much of a mess, and why it has been hard to unite until Duterte came along. A possible leadership with genuine options. Filipinos can be so opinionated, but lack the ability to relate to the environment that encompasses the discussion. Isn’t it that the general populace, and mostly the needy that is never considered in the discussion. Those people that have the luck to have employment and are maybe professionals are the ones that seem to contradict the phenomenon of Mayor Duterte that is actually uniting Filipinos. These critics are those that seems not to have any care about the unification of Filipinos because they do not see the importance and uniqueness of Filipinos uniting for a leader. Historically that has been the problem of the Philippines for centuries. Also promoting and professing to be democratic means your acceptance of the wishes of majority of Filipinos and that is what is now happening with the candidacy of Rodrigo Duterte.

A recent commentator said to me, “Some people have no idea of how it was to live in fear during the dictatorship. That you are not free to speak.

No one is suggesting you return to that, what we as foreigners and advisers are suggesting is simply a fairer distribution of the countries wealth and resources, which at present are controlled by a mere 10 families. But then according to some of you, that is OK.

And remember, do not compare what has happened in Davao with what Duterte is promoting, because under existing Constitutional laws he could not do so in Davao. The law of the nation over rules local law. But if he becomes President the opportunity to restructure is an option he did not have, and is something he is promoting to make it to happen. It is what has made places like Australia arguably one of the most successful countries on the planet. He is not a fool, he is well versed in it, listen to what he is saying.

Sadly, many of you have been attacking Duterte and yet have not read or studied a single word of his manifesto. But then that hardly surprises us on the outside, as he is the only candidate that has one. So I guess not reading it would be expected as people are unfamiliar with idea of candidates having them.

So many of you Filipinos really are badly informed. study for a start how federal parliaments manage their nations finances. How the elected are separated from monetary and fiscal controls so they do not have direct influence over the funds. And that audit and finance are not controlled directly by politicians or how the money is spent becomes a matter of public record. It is a vastly different method from the Philippine system used now, and the heads of departments are not political appointments so are not beholden to some Politician who can then demand a kick back for giving them the job. It is those changes that will flow through to the next level which is what we are talking about. Without political interference the government organisations will be able to become more focused on doing their job and not pandering to some politician. No more politicians names on projects, no more kick backs, and when the stolen money is actually being spent on the projects it was intended for, the economy will start to take off.

Federalism is not a panacea, it is the cure, that is why what some are talking about is not understood by people like you, the average Filipino. You are so used to the band aid fixing the wound, you cannot see the answer is really to stop the wound in the first place. The lack of ability to separate cause and effect here is the single biggest problem, and bringing that to the table will stop the bleeding.

Another classic argument has always been job generation and industry.

Pinoy Tax RatesAt present 35% of all taxes in the Philippines disappear due to corruption. When that hole is plugged by a federal parliamentary system the 35% will be available for investment right across the country, instead of it being stolen by your President and his/her crony mates. Instead, it will get spent in the wider community and that will impact all fields of endeavour and the job numbers will follow. Mayor Dutete’s ideas on irrigation are sound at developing the agrarian sector and will put people back to work on a great many farms. This will also bring in major investors with better technology and methods to improve productivity, all stemming from the changes he promotes. Many of you need to read more about what he is saying, simply because he is right. No one else is offering this and no one is raising it with him, because they are all focused on how to keep stealing the 35%.

Some of these narrow minded folk even claim, “Who will be the beneficiaries in the agrarian sector? Improve productivity in what sector of agriculture?”

Sometimes you nitwits are unbelievable! I personally live in a province, and where I am there are literally thousands of hectares of land available but no farmers. Why? Because to farm the land needs better technology than is currently available. On the land that is available one could grow sheep for wool and meat. Sheep meat is popular among Muslims, so there is a market both locally and overseas. Cattle, and milking cows. Various different vegetables and crops. And so on. I come from a farming background, and all are doable here. It just needs the investors and a few changes in the current Constitution or the better structured Federalisation to allow provincial government to start doing it is all that is needed. As a candidate, Duterte is the only one talking about taking that first step. And without doing so, it will not happen.

Based on my knowledge of farming in my own country I can see at least 3 to 4 million jobs being created by that one step alone and then there is the downstream employment opportunities, meat work, wool processors, canning plants, export sales, freight and haulage, the list is long, even new opportunities in finance and housing.

Wool for example, is now grown in overseas countries and shipped to China. As is milk. The Philippines is much closer and once you build the processing facilities the ongoing costs will be less because salary is lower here and you will have less freight cost so it will be very competitive.

Filipino FarmerThe land is suitable but it needs technology that the Philippines does not have, tractors, adequate fencing, irrigation and better road access. But once built it opens the doors to increasing production and you can do it at lower cost here. It needs money spent on processing plants for turning live animals into meat that can be exported, the edge the Philippines has is its closeness to market and lower wages.

Some have argued that Duterte does not know what is the difference between food security and rice self sufficiency, simply because he never mentioned it.

I do not think that matters, because he is looking at the big picture. He knows that if he can increase production of all kinds of products, food security will follow by consequence. When one invests in the manner he suggests it brings capital gains and those gains will further fuel growth and it will be internal growth. And such growth is what you want. No longer reliant on so many OFW’s and external factors for driving the economy. And like a snowball, it will soon become an automatic growth area, as ability to provide grows, so to will development of spin off activities. Just think in the rural areas, as new towns will come to support the farmers, schools, shops, business follows.

And that starts with progressive federalisation of the country allowing the provinces more self rule and autonomy.


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