How Mar Roxas’ Business Degree Just Became Worthless

Hunter S Thompson - AvatarI just realized something. Philippine presidential candidate, Mar Roxas – who claims to have an MBA from Wharton – has finally made a complete ass out of himself. And brought into question the validity of his supposed business related education. In a dull effort to rebut fellow Presidential candidate, Rodrigo Duterte’s advocacy of federalizing the Philippines, Roxas has spewed this bullshit about federalism leading to higher taxes. First of all, taxation is a policy issue. It has little to do with the system of government. In fact, there are many federalized countries that have lower taxes than their unitary neighbours.

Malaysia is a federation, and it has lower taxes than its unitary neighbour, the Philippines. Germany is also a federation, and it too has slightly lower taxes than its unitary neighbour to the north, Denmark. Switzerland, which is also a federation, has an even lower tax rate than Germany.

taxes-deskRoxas mistakenly assumes that the addition of an administrative tier in a federal system would mean additional taxes. That’s wrong. The additional tier just means that the overall taxes would have to be shared between the two administrative tiers.

Besides, what’s important for Filipinos these days, in light of the massive corruption scandals that have been exposed in recent years under the Aquino Maladministration, is knowing where their taxes end up. The closer proximity of governance provided for by the federal system, combined with the better accountability mechanisms provided for by the parliamentary system, can together provide better assurances to Filipinos about where their tax pesos end up. The shift to a Federalized Parliamentary system is not about higher or lower taxes. It’s about knowing where your tax revenue gets spent.

Mar Roxas With Hammer - PosterSo before you insist on continuing to follow this lying ass down your nation’s ever widening poverty road. Maybe it’s time you not only consider his now-proven, non-existent business sense. But his mental stability regarding anything. And remember. This is all coming from a man who had already exposed the fact that he couldn’t even manage something as simple as a hammer, when attempting to fix a child’s desk.

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