3 Years Gone By: An Attempt To Educate Through Awareness

Zest Air Seat 4AWith the May 9th elections rapidly closing in on us. All I can say is, “how time surely does fly.” And rightly so. For nearly 3 years now, I – and my associates – have been keeping busy trying to politically educate the Filipino people, the only way we know how. Awareness. Through the landscape of social media, we have made the valiant attempt to make the people of the Philippines more aware of what’s been happening to their world around them. And not necessarily on a global level. But closer to home. And what made us decide – as foreigners – to get more deeply involved? One person. Yes! One, simple person. Nancy Binay.

And just how or what had she done that aroused us? Nothing really. It was actually the general public that brought her to our attention. And they did it in an almost hilarious manner. They gave her a seat in the Philippine Senate. And what was so wrong, that this would attract our attention? Again, it was easy. She’s worthless.

Tiny Nancy BinayIn 2013, the voters gave her a seat in the Senate. And to date. There still remains no logical reason whatsoever for her to be there. At age 38, the Filipino people gave a completely inexperienced, overrated secretary the job. The woman had not an ounce of political experience in any department. She was never a councilwoman or Barangay Captain. And as Daddy’s little pet, she had proven to be nothing more than a private sector failure. Yet the Filipino people gave her a seat in the Senate. And this hadn’t been the first time they had done this folks. Oh no! It goes farther back. It all started with a little event known as the Edsa1 People Power Revolution. An event that, with the benefit of hindsight, can now be safely termed a disaster.

In February of 1986, the people – as selective history claims – managed to oust, then President Ferdinand Marcos from power. And in the process, install another seriously inexperience woman, Corazon Aquino, into power. Sound familiar already? And this kind of mentality hasn’t stopped in nearly 30 years. For some unknown reason, these people have developed such an idolatrous nature for their political saviours. It’s a wonder they haven’t elected Donald Duck to some power position.

From unqualified political nitwits, to television celebrities and sports heroes. The Filipino people have been blind sided at every turn. And deservedly so. Since the term of the first Aquino – current President BS Aquino being #2 – they have been led to believe that practically anyone they put into office will be the next saviour, who will lead them from bondage. That pathetic belief is so far from the truth, a blind man can see that shit coming from a mile away. Yet, every 3 years they keep electing and re-electing the same thieves and shysters into office. And this simplistic way of thinking comes from three areas.

  1. The Church. From the moment Magellan set foot on Philippine soil 400+ years ago. And until today. Almost everyone in the country, is devoted to some religious group. And through their successful efforts, have so dominated the average Filipinos every move. So much so, that the very socio economic status of the Philippines, rivals other failures, such as Peru, Chile and Ecuador.
  2. Education, or lack there of. Since the Edsa1 fiasco, those in power have managed to dumb down nearly 2 generations of Filipinos. Either through mass media. Or within the educational system itself. Such as their version(s) of recent history. Having reached near Cult status, such as with the Aquino family name.
  3. Division. The Philippines and her people are some of the most divided in the world. And this is not due to it being a nation of some 7,100+ islands. But their tribal mentality that has plagued them since before Spain arrived. And with their independence in 1947, has gotten only worse. Thanks to what’s known as patronage politics. And post Edsa1 having turned into an even bigger nightmare. The people have become so attached to specific political families. Be it national or regional. They can no longer see outside the box these dynasties have built for themselves.

ron-burgundyWith this information. We here, at TSF went to work. And, as foreigners, it has certainly been hard work overall. From being as subtle as possible, to brutally honest, and everything in-between, TSF has made it a point to show the Filipino people where they have slipped up. Made an error. Or have just been plain wrong. We have had to pay what some might consider a high cost. From having our accounts blocked, banned, kicked or booted from Facebook. Getting hit with the Persona Non Grata idiocy. Deportation bullshit. And even death threats. But still, we charged forward.

But why? You guys are foreigners. Isn’t that someone else’s problem?

In some aspects yes. But since many of us have families here. We are actually looking out for their future interests. This does allow us some involvement.

Some have said, since we can’t vote, we have no right to complain. Well, here’s the irony in that. If we don’t vote – be it by choice, or some law – we are not part of the problem. This again, gives us the right to complain about these problems, the voting idiocy has brought upon everyone. And this logic goes without saying, anywhere in the world.

LP ShystersFor three years, we have managed to make numerous Filipinos aware of how their political ignorance and lack of education has constantly effected their voting choices. And driven their nation in numerous, wrong directions. Of course, your leaders have been telling you all kind of wonderful things that have advanced and improved the nation. From improved GDP ratings. Investment grade upgrades. Economic growth. The rising Asian Tiger. And so on. But nowhere around the country, can any of this be found anywhere. The nation has only gotten more impoverished and crime ridden. But still, for some reason known only to God. You people continue to elect these people into power.

You complain of how wealthy they are. And how poor you all are: Re-elected.

You whine about how corrupt they all are: Re-elected.

Endless bitching about higher taxes. Less wage earnings. Lack of jobs: Re-elected.

For 3 decades now, they have been feeding you what I call the “charts & numbers” game. And they do so, because they know the majority of you will never lift a finger to confirm the shit they have fed you. And will simply take their word as Gods Gospel. And while not taking sole credit. Here’s a short list of some of what we have brought to your attention.

  • Mar Roxas was never the “father of the BPO industry” as they have told you.
  • A major portion of your GDP is dependent upon the annual OFW remittances sent home.
  • The economy is purely consumer driven, by those OFW remittances.
  • The BPO industry is not part of the domestic product, as they claim.
  • Your Edsa1 heroes were exposed as the actual criminals of the Martial Law era.
  • The Aquino’s have been proven to be a Cult of Personality, similar to the Kims of N. Korea.
  • Forcing the Americans leave the Subic Naval and Clark Air bases, allowed China to muscle in on things.
  • Your media outlets such as ABS/CBN, GMA and Rappler, have been exposed as Liberal Party puppets.

And in light of this, we have still managed to come across these nitwits who insist, as foreigners, we haven’t a clue of what we are talking about. What’s even stranger about their already sheltered claim, is the fact that, as outsiders, we see things in a different light. As well the more obvious “what reason would we have to lie” scenario. While you point to the obvious irrelevance of a chart that says you just got an investment grade upgrade. We point to the fact that since your rating upgrade, there hasn’t been an ounce of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) coming into the country. And do you know why? Because your leaders, in the infinite wisdom, created what we foreigners refer to as the “Filipino first, 60/40 FDI Restriction.” What this means is, any foreign entity who wishes to bring their business interests to the Philippines, must first be willing to surrender a 60% holding of their company to the local government, or a Filipino partner of sorts.

With the stroke of a pen. Your leaders have denied billions of dollars – not pesos – in annual tax revenue alone. As well as what could be millions of jobs for the Filipino people themselves. In essence, they have guided the nation along, in a downward spiral. While increasing the slave labour, more eloquently known as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker).

New_York_pollingI could go and on here for hours. But that would be too much. Especially since all of the above and more can be found within our pages here. So let us fast forward to the present, and the upcoming elections. In this writers humble opinion. The 2016 Philippine elections will prove to be unlike anything the nation has experienced in ages. Quite possibly, ever. And before the voters go inside that booth, to make their choice. They will have to ask themselves a very important question. “Do I want to see serious change for my country. Or do I follow the same old, status quo, and let my country collapse further into the abyss?”

We here at TSF have done our best to educate you on many levels. As well  become more politically proficient. In either case. The ball is really in your court now. And your decision this time around, will decide how and where the Philippines sits on the world stage. And whether you believe it or not. That stage is getting smaller and smaller. And only those who are serious about their upcoming performance, will ever receive a call from the casting director.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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One thought on “3 Years Gone By: An Attempt To Educate Through Awareness

  1. This is so on point. thank you for this. One thing the late President Marcos did where others have not tried or even attempted was uniting the people and break the barriers. He was the only one who made projects connecting the 3 major islands.

    I also deeply agree with the administration dumbing down its own people for manipulation. We are fucked by our own people. As they say, “the filipinos are friendly, but the filipinos are not filipino-friendly”. Godbless us.

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