Understanding Cognitive Dissonance In The Roxas World

ron-burgundyI recently encountered someone’s frail attempt at showing how foolish the Duterte supporters are, by claiming they suffer from Cognitive Dissonance. While most of what the writer projected didn’t really fall into that category. I decided to have a little fun. and with a simple name change. And some subject modification. I was able to stay true to my statement of “every story is like a fence line. Both have two sides” analogy.

So having said that. Here is the other side of reality folks. And the ironic part of all this? It’s what most of you, as voters, have been so blindly following for nearly 3 decades now. Which begs the question: “Is it cognitive dissonance. Or just plain stupidity?”

1). Religious people who stick to Roxas even though he defies most of the Commandments and promises to remain just in God’s eyes.

2). Filipino parents who have been instilling virtues to their children, but they are okay with Roxas’ ignorance towards last year’s Liberal Party nightmare, involving the Mocha Girls turning it into a borderline sex show.

3). Sophisticated voters who support Roxas, accept his lies and deception, and forget their ideas of future family improvement.

4). Filipino thugs adore Roxas as God, because they know under his watch, they’ve been able to increase their criminal activities, 10 fold even, in just 6 short years.

5). Youths who desire Roxas’ laziness, although their youthful idealism and adventurism include going against Oligarch authority.

6). Filipino women who still support Roxas, simply because his partner, Leni Robredo pretends to empower women. Yet, how many big corporations here in the Philippines, are owned or even majority controlled by women?

7). Uniformed personnel who side with Roxas, who supports the current administrations costly and unjust war against the ASG, NPA, MILF and CPP. A war that has lead to the senseless deaths of both the AFP and PNP-SAF.

8). Filipino teachers whose job is to instil righteousness and ethics to their students, yet they do not see Roxas as the bad role model he’s exposed himself to be.

9). College students who rabidly defend Roxas by blindly accepting their lessons in history regarding the Oligarchy, political shyster’s, and despot painted as some kind of hero these past 30 years.

Calvin10). Filipino intellectuals who do not find Roxas’ lack of thought, idiotic ideas, and dumb utterances disappointing.

11). Lawyers who believe in “presumption of innocence” and “due process of law” but excuse Roxas’ ties to BS Aquino’s extra-judicial killing history.

12). Filipino economists who are not concerned with Roxas’ ties to the Aquino administrations internationally recognized, human rights violations record, can invite foreign economic sanctions.

13). Development experts who believe in Roxas and ignore the non-development of most of the Philippines after two decades.

14). Poor Filipinos who pick Roxas without thinking that his non-inclusive economic policies will actually further erode any chance the nation has of improving the nation. Or their futures.

15). Diplomacy experts who praise Roxas like he is not a threat to the true principals of what a Democracy was meant to be.

16). Filipino capitalists who prefer Roxas and ignore the fact that the continued restrictions against Foreign Investment, will actually ruin their enterprises.

17). Management experts who think Roxas is the best because of his political will, without considering that every authoritative position he’s held, he did not manage well.

18). Filipino scientists, technologists, and engineers who choose Roxas as though he is the kind that appreciates innovation.

19). BPO workers who are not worried about losing their jobs in case Roxas will continue contract labour, which rotates their positions every 6 months, for a new employee.

20). Filipinos overseas who still defend Roxas even though he has mindlessly shamed them and the Philippines all over the world.

21). Farmers who support Roxas and do not mind the rice importation that affects their livelihood is still happening all over the country.

22). Overseas Filipino workers who are not afraid of losing their jobs if Roxas, like BS Aquino, continues to ignore their welfare and safety needs, in the countries that host them.

23). Entrepreneurs in agriculture and aquaculture who still support Roxas despite the harassment of the big conglomerates, his allies.

24). Filipino healthcare professionals who are Roxas’ supporters even though he supported BS Aquino’s privatization of over 40 hospitals within the NCR alone. Making access to health care even harder for the average Filipino.

25). Rural residents who think Roxas will improve the countryside, whose economy is ruined by the Oligarchy and their corporations who are his allies.

26). Filipino fishermen who still choose Roxas even though he has failed to make coastal Luzon a fishing haven like much of the southern Philippines.

27). Media practitioners who are Roxas’ propagandists even though they know of the unresolved deaths of media people in Maguindanao.

28). Filipino academics who push for Roxas’ candidacy without considering the ignorance and stupidity they preach as criteria.

29). Oligarchs in the Philippines who are comfortable with Aquino although they are the ideological enemies of the people.

30). Filipino nationalists who admire Roxas’ Pro-US rants without thinking that they are actually not supporting Chinese economic ties.

There you have it folks. You see how the other side of the fence looks. And, as in most cases. The grass always seems to be greener. That’s the difference between a reassuring lie, and an inconvenient truth.

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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One thought on “Understanding Cognitive Dissonance In The Roxas World

  1. They say people always miss the forest for the trees.
    I say they always miss the trees for the forest.

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