Why The Philippines Current Political System Must End Now

John Goodman - AvatarThis government of the Philippines, through their 6 year reign, deceived the people with promises promoting good governance. But almost immediately, they showed their true colours and blatantly interfered with constitutional matters. Instead of fighting corruption, they instigated their own new way of interfering in just governance through bribery.

The Janet Lim Napoles issue, and the true reality of it as of yet, has not been properly exposed and uncovered. Savings in government are being diverted into whatever they please to do and lastly it is this behaviour that influence leaders from other regions – especially their party members – to have the confidence to arrogantly demand and govern their selfish way.

Could anyone truly blame the people if, as a last resort, they were to unite and attack the current government and its criminal heads, if it were to lead to influential change. If this was any other country, there would have already been revolt and total chaos.

Added to this mess are the favours going to rich investors, who then take advantage of our resources, which is a problem that does not help distribute wealth nor assist the impoverished to develop a better way of life. How can they? There is no stable program that permits access to avenues and participation. Money is made from the poor in this country. Just review the details of the contract labour system, and how the requirements needed to apply for work, borderline on the unrealistic.

filipino+workersRecent calculations have the government and key individuals drawing billions per year. By limiting an employees contract to around 6 months, they technically become unemployed. And must prepare the needed requirements and incur additional costs all over again. In short.People are getting rich off the desperate and impoverished.

Who can introduce change for the better, except the government itself? But the current government has become part of the pompous elite that couldn’t care any less, as they believe themselves above all these petty concerns.

Now the people seem to have united and found among themselves a leader in Rodrigo Duterte. And the naive nitwits are wondering why the people adore him? It’s pretty easy actually. Duterte represents the means for a better future in the Philippines.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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