Exposing The Utter Idiocy of A Self-Glorified Facebook Activist

John Goodman - AvatarYes folks. The 2016 election season of the Philippines has come and gone. And with a few tidbits of media coverage reflecting as such. The Social Media scene has never once let up. So much so, that one would wonder if any elections happened to begin with. So once again, the time has come to expose the idiocy of another Facebook activist. Only this time. I am simply going to point out the ignorant stupidity that abounds within. The character in question had posted another of those pointless Rappler articles regarding those now ancient Martial Law years. While nothing may appear wrong in their intent. The problem is still everyone’s insistence on living in the past. One of our writers simply left a small comment and link to one of our articles as to why The Philippines Continues To Remain In The Third World. This set our boy here off in a tizzy that continued to the very end.

While I writer may have been “off-color” at times. He, for the most part, remained calm. And in doing so. Managed to draw this goof out into the open, so as to get whatever information he needed. All the while, exposing him for what he was. Just another self glorified activist, who posts a lot of shit. Without ever once took the time to research any of what he was doing. And when asked to back his play. Only produced greater level of Argumentum ad Hominem. In any case. Enjoy his idiocy. Because he is a shining example of what keeps the Philippines in her current state of affairs. Which is about as divided as any culture could ever possibly be.

Ibe Malit: The Stagnant Filipino? Very critical of everything and anything Pinoy, except for topics that involves the Marcoses. Totally biased and whole lot of BS from a drunkard expat who managed to lived well in the PHL because his US dollar pension allows him to do so. What a croc…

Jacques: Try to actually READ the article Ibe Malit. Rather than make note of YOUR completely biased (and obviously unsupported) opinion. As for my living well? You gotta admit… your piss poor economy, sure as hell does make for a wonderful exchange rate. Hopefully, for your country’s sake. Duterte will finally change all the pathetic idiocy of the past 30 years.

Who’s the croc now?

Ibe Malit: Jacques Phillip. I rest my case.. You ungrateful piss ant bastard. Rather than be thankful of the many things which our country has accorded to you to live comfortably, you choose to dwell and expound on the negatives but completely turns a blind eye when it comes to things involving the Marcoses. You are really a biased whining bitch. Go back to America, let us see if you can able to live comfortably there with your meager dollar pension than you do here..

Picard Riker FacepalmJacques: At least I am not a whiny little bitch, that has to resort to blatant insults towards others. Simply because you’re too stupid to accept the fact that, after 30 years. And 5 presidents. Marcos, let alone ANYONE else from the PAST. Could possibly have anything to do with TODAY.

Well… there was the fact that you were stupid enough to make the architect of Martial Law your president. And his partners in crime, have been Senators since then. Hmmm… wait, wait! You foolishly allowed an overrated housewife into the chair. Not to mention an unqualified actor.

And you capped it all off, with a halfwit. Who has managed in 1 year alone, to have his personal Pork Barrel, amount to 10 times the amount of what Marcos was alleged to have taken his entire 21 years in power.

And finally. Since you keep bringing up finances. You all bitch about the peso being P20-$1 when he left. But ignore how the Abnoy got it back up to nearly P47-$1, from GMA’s P41.

Now why is that, I wonder?

Ibe Malit: Jacques Phillip, yeah keep on yapping you moron… You can’t do that back in US, so yu just do it here. As we say in the local vernacular.. Shabu pa boy!!!

Jacques: At least when I blaze up. I feel good going behind the green door. You, on the other hand? You get hooked to escape the horrors you have built, all by yourselves. Just look at yourselves. Using the efforts of a boxer, and a beauty queen, to make you all feel good about yourselves. And it only lasts a day.

Ibe Malit: Shabu pa more.. You ingrate drunk bastard.. Hahaha.

Jacques: Ouch! Oh, oh. My heart bleeds peanut butter for your sad, ignorant state of being. I guess that’s what you get, for consuming too much Yellow Dye #5, these past 3 decades. Oh well… time for another hit, with JD chaser.

Ibe Malit: So much blood in your alcohol system eh.. Its a wonder you are still alive..

Jacques: So much ignorant stupidity in your brain pan. It’s a wonder you got this far?

Ibe Malit: I would love to insult you more but you would not understand.. Too much booze in your brain cells… Its just a matter of time before you croak at last.. Do the world a big favor…. Begone you drunken fool… Hahaha….

Jacques: Maroons like you, never see the big picture. Drunk or not. When I have gone to the Happy Hunting Grounds. And take my place at the council fire of my elders. You’ll still be living in a shit box, you refuse to help clean up.


Ibe Malit: Hahaha, council of fools is more like it. Your excess boozing really has made you insanely delusional. Chop chop to your happy hunting grounds, go now. Do not let the door hit your crummy ass on your way out. Ingrate bastard.. Hahaha.

Jacques: No wonder we’re more advanced than you. At least WE can admitted when we f**ked up. You nitwits, on ther hand. Still haven’t grown the balls to admit you screwed up back in 86.

Crying about outside oppression. While robbing your own people blind. You maroons who support the current and past status quo, ARE the very reason your nation is so screwed up.

Ibe Malit: More yada coming from a biased jackass…

Jacques: Meanwhile. In all your ignorant glory. You haven’t once managed to either back up your OP. Or even attempted to prove ANYTHING I have stated… as wrong.

Now why is that, I wonder?

Ibe Malit: Of course you know you can just die right now and nobody will gonna miss your wiseguy comments, right? For the record, I never asked you or anybody else to comment on my OP. So bugger off, you fucking retard. Hahaha..

Jacques: Then don’t post anything in the first place dummy. If you can’t stand the heat? Then you better stay out of the kitchen.

And for the record. When I’m dead. I won’t really care what people think anyway.

What a maroon.

Ibe Malit: Yeah, right!!,,, spoken like a true brown noser.. Its really easy to act tough when your in cyberspace. But that doesn’t give you the license to become a total douche. Nobody cares anyway what you say even now, so might as well you just drop dead. Pussy…

Jacques: Funny how it’s YOU who’s trying to act all bad ass. Barking at an icon on your desktop. The most hilarious part of all. You haven’t once made a dent. Which has you even more frustrated, with each new comment.

You still haven’t supported your core post in any way, shape, or form. And you have yet to even attempt to prove me wrong on anything.

And best of all? You keep coming back for more.

Ibe Malit: I am not in it for the approval you moron. Unlike you who obviously caters to the childish, irresponsible whims of Marcos Loyalists. Better if you will just blow BBM and have his buffoons stick their dicks all at once inside your scrawny ass. Freaking idiot drunk retard.. hahahaha..

Godzilla FacepalmJacques: C’mon son. Go for it. Try and back up your posting. Try and prove my original comment wrong. Just a little something. Because so far you’ve said nothing correct about me. But you have proven one thing.

You’re just another goof who posts shit, without even knowing anything about what you’re doing to begin with.

Just disprove even a ounce of what I have said.

Ibe Malit: No need old man, all you say is shit anyway. Ang pumatol sa baliw, mas baliw. Suck on that you twat.. Hahaha..

Jacques: That’s the EXACT response I expected from you son. And just for the record. I have been asking goofs such as yourself to the above for over 3 years now. And still… Nothing. Aaah… The joy of knowing I’m always right.

Thus, ends another lesson in why some should simply go back to molting in front of the television.


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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One thought on “Exposing The Utter Idiocy of A Self-Glorified Facebook Activist

  1. Both are guilty of ad hominems and avoiding the topic.

    The “Joe” should have really done it the Asian way. Polite and indirect.

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