Philippine Elections 2016: Nothing Has Really Changed. Or Has It?

animalhouse_blutoIt’s been almost 3 weeks since the Philippine elections. And aside from a new President being elected. Nothing much has changed at all. Especially within the social media scene. By the morning of May 10th. It was quite evident the people had picked up, right where the left off the day before. Still spouting the same old rhetoric. As if the elections hadn’t taken place at all. So much so, that one of the more active Liberal Party trolls, was already making reference to the same pathetic choices of this year. As being the winners in the eventual 2022 elections.

Liberal Party regulars such as Senator Frank Drilon were unsurprisingly re-elected. And will soon be joined by such Senate newcomers as Manny Pacquiao, Lela De Lima, and Risa Hontiveros. In short. It appears as though the people haven’t really learned anything after all. They still made their choice based upon name. And nothing beyond that. Even the Vice Presidential slot appears to still be up for grabs, since upon waking up the following day. The nation was greeted to the sudden lead of Leni Robredo over Senator BongBong Marcos. Who, just 8 hours before. Had a 1 million vote lead over her, and the other candidates.

smartmatic technicianAnd adding further insult to injury, was the sudden appearance of a Venezuelan IT specialist from Smartmatic, who apparently had been authorized to insert a modified code string, which they claim was done, so as to have the central server make an accurate count of someone’s name. Which begs an interesting question: “Why, after numerous election dry runs just the week before. Was this not caught until election day?” And now, ComElec wants to assign blame to Smartmatic itself. Yet refuses to acknowledge the fact that it was most certainly a ComElec official, who would have granted this so-called IT specialist access to their central server to begin with.

In spite of the above posted bullshit. There has appeared to be a feeling of relief in the air. I personally witnessed that people in and around Cubao – where I had been staying during the election period – seemed to have a more relaxed air about them. I took this as being in reference to the successful victory of Davao city mayor, Rodrigo Duterte being voted in as the nations next President. From Street sweepers to security guards. The working class to the students. Everyone was smiling and talking about the man from Mindanao. And when I talked to some at random, they all were excited to see what he was going to do for them and the country.

Pinoy VotersDuterte rode to victory, upon a massive popularity wave. A wave that had been building momentum for well over a year now. And in spite of his ill mannered, foul mouth mentality during the campaign season. The people were stuck by this straight forward, almost honest approach to nearly everything he had to say, when it came to the concerns of the people. And while his skeptics openly criticised for example, his 6 month plan to eliminate or lessen crime in the country. The people still saw it as a no nonsense approach to what has plagued the country for 6 years now, under outgoing President, BS Aquino. and his equally questionable administration.

So what happens between now and July 1st, when Aquino steps down, and Mr Duterte takes the reins? For some, it’s simply a waiting game. For others, they see that as the day that spells doom for an enormous amount of political figures that have been either suspected of, or accused of stealing billions upon billions of pesos of the peoples money. And BS Aquino seems to be at the top of their list.

With President Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte at the helm? It just might have been well worth the wait.


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