Simple Perspective On Philippine President BS Aquino’s End Game

JoJo A RoblesBecause it is never your fault, you can’t accept that you caused the coming tsunami that now threatens to wash you away. and now it is too late. Too late to appeal for “unity,” to warn about “dictatorship,” to call for “decency.” You could have shown us all of that, by your own actions, when you had the chance. but you didn’t.

You believed that you were always right. You ignored warnings of straying from the straight path that you claimed you were on, but had really abandoned a long time ago. Most of all, because you never really listened to the people, never really showed you cared for them, never really felt their pain and their suffering, you never saw what was coming.

You gave them GDP growth and investment-grade credit ratings, when all they wanted was food and real, endo-proof jobs.

You gave them politicized CCT and worthless Philhealth cards when they asked for education and hospitalization.

You claimed to have eliminated corruption, when they still had to wait for hours to ride a train.

You made the people angry, angry enough to not believe whatever you say anymore. Now they would rather cast their lot with the unknown, rather than listen to you and your dire warnings. You threw away all the goodwill you had instead of working for the good of the people who trusted you.

You led them on but never delivered. it’s your fault, you lying, lazy, uncaring, overly proud son of your supposedly sainted parents. Accept that you are wrong and try, in the time you have left in office, to make amends. You made the people turn away from you and all you stand for.

Now you, your surrogates and your kind must face the consequences.

Originally written by: Jojo A. Robles

Jacques Phillip

As an ExPat living in the Philippines. I have found it relatively fun and exciting to have been given the opportunity to live among such wonderful people.

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