Vice President Leni Robredo: A Seriously Undeserving Title

ron-burgundyWell folks? Amid an endless barrage of cheating accusations and such. It appears those in charge have finally confirmed – for the meantime – that Leni Robredo is to be the next Vice President of the Philippines. Sadly though. It’s a title and position that’s become more of a headache to both the victor and the people. Than something worth cheering about.

I mean, let’s be honest here. You gotta admit, Leni did get a boost from the Liberal Party. And unless you are totally yellow, you cannot claim that her win is validation of Daang Matuwid. Lots of factors were in play. There’s also cheating (that the LP perpetrated, with or without leni’s knowledge). And there’s also – I must admit – my suspicion that maybe the entire country is not yet ready for Bongbong Marcos as VP. Maybe one day, it will be.

Even worse is the fact that she’s not only inherited a position made virtually worthless in form and substance, thanks to current President BS Aquino’s constant hounding of outgoing VP Binay. But the vast array of electoral bullshit of the past 3 weeks. Coupled with her now highly questionable win. Have created one of the most valueless and untrustworthy seats, within the entire Philippine political arena. To further add to the confusion, She almost immediately demanded she be given control of DSWD (Dept. of Social Welfare and Development), so as to start working on her “supposed” projects for the poor. Yeah right?!

Leni Fights For Rights AbusesAs well as claiming she’ll lead the fight in rights abuses. Which, when one looks even closer at that statement, could be interpreted as a warning to incoming President, Rodrigo Duterte, that she might be placing his tough stance on crime, under the public microscope. If this is true, then she has just missed the point of what it means to actually be a nations VP. First and foremost? It means, you back your presidents plays. And not create a rift from the very start. Being Vice President means you are the backup. You share the same visionary agenda as the “Big Dog” himself. It does not mean you are some fly-by-night chief of state, who can do as they please. Remember lady, what Mr. Duterte had always said prior to the elections: “If you’re not going to vote for my running mate, Alan Cayetano as your VP. Then please, don’t vote for me.”

Do you even have the slightest clue of what that means lady? It means, don’t even consider rocking the boat, once things get rolling under a Duterte administration. You and the rest of them better be seriously prepared to either tow the line and play along. Or risk seeing Congress padlocked. A revolutionary government put in place. And most important: The world you’ve known and obviously thought would last forever. Collapse around you. And very rapidly, I might add.

So if Leni, now that’s she’s VP, will allow herself to be used by the yellows as if they got her her win – including by participating in some yellow-backed Plan B nonsense – then all bets are off. And aside from the new President. We too are going after you. As sure as we went after the father of Daang Matuwid for all of those soon-to-be-forgotten six years.

In short? You’re on probation, lady. Consider yourself duly warned.

[*] A big vote of thanks goes out to JoJo Robles of The Standard, for giving us something to work with.


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2 thoughts on “Vice President Leni Robredo: A Seriously Undeserving Title

  1. The outgoing President Noynoy ruined what would have been a sweet victory of Cong Leni Robredo to the Vice Presidency when he publicly declared that he would do everything within his power to prevent Sen BBM from winning. If you were an avid observer, what did you discern from that? Even if she won fairly, that would remain dubious to many for a quiet sometime.

  2. if someone does not want a winner to be the winner, he will always say that that winner is seriously (may even be MOST SERIOUSLY undeserving – to be more emphatic – of the title – come what may or regardless of any argument on the contrary….. in any case, he is entitled to his opinion; and he has the right to say whatever he wants to say/write – as long as it’s not libelous……

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