President Elect, Rodrigo Duterte Is Bastos!

Duterte The ManThere you have it folks. That appears to be the sentiment among a number of assorted individuals these days. But what has made me decide to publish the following. Is that fact that it closes the argument with a plain and simple statement surrounding the outgoing administration. As well as a great many of its cohorts. So take a gander at what the author has to say. Because the final paragraph is what I personally consider a “slap in the face, wake up call” to every goof, nitwit, idiot and/or jerkoff that not only supported the last 3 decades that has plagued the once great nation of the Philippines. But to those who, for some reason known but to God, insist on wanting to see it continue.

  1. He is a rude and chauvinistic pig!
  2. No matter how much you explain and defend him, his actions are just wrong!
  3. Some of his behaviour is unbecoming of a president!
  4. His remarks have already caused outrage from several sectors!

But wait!! There’s more!!!

  1. His cursing has caused our policemen to up their game.
  2. His threats have created fear among the drug pushers and their protectors has resulted in numerous drug busts in the last few weeks alone.
  3. His exaggerated answer to the Chinese crisis has allowed our fishermen to once again, harvest within Scarborough shoal.
  4. His rudeness has awakened a religious institution to consider it’s time to no longer meddle with government affairs.
  5. His unorthodox thinking has paved the way for sincere dialogue with local insurgents.
  6. His radical ideas are keeping our streets safe from drunks and young thieves.
  7. His gutter talk forced the Telco duopoly to improve their internet service.

All of these things are happening simply because of his mere words. Just wait until you see him in action!

You can have your well mannered, well spoken, blame game playing, credit grabbing, disastrous and pretentious Aquino’s, Roxas’ and Robredo’s. Because I would rather have my thug Duterte at the helm of my long suffering country – Pilipinas!

[*] Originally drafted by: Ezekil Lu


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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