Time For The Idiocy To Vacate The Room, So As To Make Way For Rody Duterte

Orion PerezThere is a huge number of ignorant and evil people out there who are trying to cast fear, uncertainty, and doubt over Federalism and the Parliamentary System, especially that both have become much more popular thanks to our efforts and the efforts of Duterte’s team. We have to silence the idiotic fools like the Monsods and other uto-uto idiots who are maliciously spreading out all kinds of lies about Federalism.

Please make sure to spread out articles like this one: How Federalism Works

Along with videos about Federalism by Basa Pa More and that nice video about Federalism by Plainly Simple.

Please spread them out like wildfire and persistently keep spreading them out to flood the airwaves and silence the idiots by drowning them out. For every single anti-Federalism post they come up with, spread out 100 posts to counter them!!!

Drown them out, people!!!

Flood the airwaves. Flood cyberspace! Floor social media with pro-Federalism posts, articles, videos, etc!!! Attack all anti-Federalism and anti-Parliamentary posts with pro-Parliamentary posts!!! Do not let them pass! Do not tolerate them. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR STUPIDITY is the policy, folks! We can win this! Will will win this!

Are there people out there who were active in the Duterte campaign who are in contact with the following celebrities?

  • Robin Padilla
  • Mocha Uson
  • Aiza Seguerra
  • Chito Miranda
  • Danny Javier
  • And any other celebrities

Because now that President-elect Duterte has won, I think it is important that a new campaign be launched… The campaign for Constitutional Reform.

These celebrities won’t need to be so active like they were during the presidential campaign, but simply talking about Constitutional Reform on their Social Media accounts and probably start off with posting links to articles from time to time would go a long way in educating the public about the benefits of the Three Point Agenda which Duterte is actively pursuing.

In fact, initially, they may not need to really go out in full support of the Three Point Agenda but they can just start off by saying that since President-elect Duterte will be pursuing these three reforms, then it is a good idea for everyone to read up on these reforms and study them in greater detail. So initially it’s more of a “Why don’t we take time to study about the need to ease the economic restrictions in our constitution, Federalism, and the Parliamentary System while it’s still early?”

Later on, once they’ve become more well-versed with these reform proposals, then they can start actively endorsing these reforms. Who knows, maybe later on mainstream media might feature them in news reports and further make it popular.

We really need more celebrities to actively endorse or at least entice the Public to learn more about Constitutional Reform.

[*] Compiled from the works of Orion Perez


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