To All Those Who Voted For Change

Upright and moral crowd, Do you remember the Hacienda Luisita Massacre, the Mendiola Massacre, the Lumad Killings? Oh. And how about Kidapawan? Or the Enforced disappearances?

Maybe your democracy is a democracy only you benefit from? Easy to portray a man as a killer and a potential dictator when these things happen to your beloved democracy and you sit in your air conditioned bubble pointing out what morality is all about.

But when did you ever start throwing those stones?

If I didn’t see you call all these other massacres out before, then please, stop pretending you love our countrymen. Your “morality” is only for your pathetic convenience!

To clarify; This write up is about the people who have the gall to sit on the pedestal of moral ascendancy among everybody else, proclaiming that they are more moral than the next guy. Proclaiming that their peace will be disturbed when we – at least most of us outside their plush subdivisions – never had it in the first place!

That the other is totally devoid of sympathy for human life and well, they are. That they care for human rights when they have sat idle, while the democracy they worship went against it in plain view allowing the regimes that followed EDSA to continue this feudal state where people have died helplessly of hunger!

These people started throwing stones when it was only convenient for them to do so.

What of those who made joking expressions when people in Hacienda Luisita were massacred in broad daylight in 2004.

What of the millions who did nothing after the Mendiola Massacre, except for a principled few like the man who inspired La Salle Law, Jose W. Diokno.

Walang commercial tungkol sa tanong sa anong future ng anak ko (There is no commercial regarding the future of my child), when there were rumors that public money was rumored to be given to Senators to make a political move.

Even before Duterte, the democratic governments had withheld JUSTICE from people by allowing corruption to perpetuate even after EDSA.


The EDSA fanatics, the historically apathetic and the civil society who all stayed mum, corruption after corruption and are now calling people immoral for their own choice. They insult people for their choices – this, considering they have the opportunity to educate them, rather than berate them. That sort of thinking reeks of a privileged elitist myopia that ultimately alienates.

I’m not shaming them for being Anti-Duterte. I’m shaming them from keeping themselves in their Ivory Tower, calling people immoral when they themselves were alive and were full grown adults before this elections – and the injustices done to the small people were something they treated as inconsequential.

These are people who have kept themselves in the comforts of their own education and privilege, failing them years before these elections. How can these “Dutertards” be solely blamed for their votes when the years before this election and the regimes following EDSA these people refused to go down and educate them.

Stones? These stones we should pick up and hurl at our own heads. EDSA and the generation that reminisce about it, failed this nation.

[*] Written by: Maria Karla Gutierrez


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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