Exposure of The De Lima Sex Video, Is Not An Issue of Womens Rights

As a lawyer, I believe that this act may be in violation of penal laws. And as a long-time advocate for human and women’s rights, I am profoundly disturbed by a proposal that amounts to the public shaming of a woman and the infliction of grave harm on her dignity as a human person,” ~ Philippine Vice President, Leni Robredo

Excuse me lady?

But when a Senator publicly harasses the ruling government, she must ensure the integrity and credibility of her own personal affairs as well as her credentials from her past postings are impeccably clean. Senator De Lima is not that naive, but simply careless in selecting her battles. She is stupid with her thoughts of using the media, not considering that those very same media groups will expose all her wrong doings.

As a public official all your personal and government affairs are of public interest. Crying foul when you are exposed has no bearing at all, even your rights as a woman. Woman’s rights are based on responsible women who follow the decency of life, and are truly deserving of some level of respect. Antagonizing the public, and then expecting to play the womens rights card after being exposed of indecent sexual escapades, is surely not deserving of that right.

In a Congressional inquiry, Senator De Lima’s assessment of her public performance must be determined to define her stature as a credible public official. If part of this is exposing a video of her sexual escapades, especially involving her bag-man, then being shown in the hearing is a necessity so as to expose the gravity of her judgment towards her private and public affairs. It will show how undesirable she in her performances as a public official. Her recent public outcry shows she is still antagonizing rather than letting her innocence be proof by letting the courts be the judge.

VP Leni Robredo let this be a lesson in publicly commenting on issues and ensure your own personal and public affairs are in order. If a male politician behaves the same, they face the same scrutiny as what Senator De Lima is currently facing.

I hope these male politicians realizes this.

From: Antonio Javier Belzince


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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