The Idiocy of Being A Hypocrite: Or Is It, The Hypocrisy of Being An Idiot?

antonio-p-contrerasJust what I expected, the apology of Imee Marcos will never be enough. Some point out that Bongbong and Imelda should also apologize, and they should be doing so not only on behalf of the dead Marcos but for their sins as well.

It will never be enough for these people. Even the death of the Marcos’ will never be enough to satisfy the demand for justice by these people consumed by hatred, which the more I think about it, is less about justice and more about vengeance.

Maybe while they are in this mood, why don’t they also ask the descendants of the left to apologize too for the innocent civilians they murdered in their rebellion, and for murdering their own kind during their own internal wars.

They should demand apology from every offspring of corrupt politicians who benefited from the PDAF and the DAP, and who even defended Noynoy Aquino in committing such acts. They should likewise demand apology from all children and descendants of the Makapilis and those who collaborated with the enemy.

They should ask Kris and Noynoy and their relatives to apologize for the collaboration of their grandfather with the Japanese, and earlier, for benefiting from the war chest of the revolution, and for Hacienda Luisita. As they demand the Marcos’ to return their loot, maybe the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos should return theirs too.

Since they have a very rigid standard for acceptable apology, maybe they have to be as comprehensive too.

This, while we never even demand a simply apology from the Americans for the murders committed when they occupied our country.

This, while we look at Japan as a source of inspiration even without the Japanese apologizing for the rape committed to many of our women during WW II.

never_again_hypocritesIf we are so damned concerned about the crimes of humanity committed by the Marcos’ and his minions during Martial Law, then why did we not form truth commissions and filed criminal cases against those who were still alive at the time Cory Aquino took to power? Why did we focus on the loot and not on the murder, torture, rape, and forced disappearances?

Why have we reduced alleged victims of Martial Law into mere beneficiaries of a legislated indemnification?

Why on earth did we not even pursue the reopening of the investigation on the Ninoy assassination?

Why do we keep on using the unsolved horrors of Martial Law to fuel the fires of hatred and division, when we could have opted to seek the truth using legal processes and use it as the foundation for restitutive justice and reconciliation, and of moving on?

Why have we reduced the horrors of Martial Law into simply a political capital to feed the careers and fortunes of the elites who benefit from keeping it as such?

Written by: Antonio P. Contreras – Professor of Political Science at De La Salle University


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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