Is There Really Still A Laban To Fight?

yellow-5There is none such. The idea that Yellowtards are supposed to be “fighting” for something has long gone past its use-by date. The Philippines enjoys a moderately mature democracy. This is evident in the relatively orderly and peaceful transition of power currently transpiring before Filipinos’ (and the world’s) eyes. The irony that escapes Yellowtards is that the only battle left worth fighting is right under their noses. The last vestiges of a bygone chaotic past when Philippine elections were known for the “guns, goons, and gold” that fueled it still remains. Allegations of massive electoral fraud and astoundingly vast sums of money spent on campaigns persist. It is quite remarkable that Yellowtards do not see these two big and current affronts to Philippine democracy as issues worth highlighting.

The answers to the above three guide questions are quite confronting. Yellowtards, in short, seem to now lack any underlying principles upon which to base the rather quaint movements in their ranks we observe today. The way they defend and apologize for the personalities they revere is marked by an absolute lack of modern logic and sound argument. They have no coherent position on any issue. They only have their undying devotion to keep them going.

The Yellowtards now also lack a god-like leader. Why is godliness in Yellowtard leadership important? Simple. Because Yellowtards base their actions on blind belief rather than on sound thinking. You can see this in the way they continue to foolishly grasp at their increasingly nebulous political brand, one whose representation in the real world — an organised party, consistent political leaders, and an intelligent guiding philosophy — have become mere shells if not totally non-existent.

duterte-cayetano-proc-rally-010Perhaps the best thing the Yellowtards could do is retire their brand and disband their “advocacies”. Theirs is but a mere relic of an era that has now closed. More importantly, Yellowtardism is practically inextricably interwoven into the fabric of Imperial Manila politics. Unfortunately the power-base has shifted. The new president is a Mindanaoan. President-elect Duterte is an outsider to inbred Imperial Manila politics and will, for the first time in Philippine history, more strongly represent the interests of the long-neglected southern regions of the country.

There are no significant EDSA “shrines” or monuments to Yellowtardism in Mindanao. And that is a strong indicator of a reality that Yellowtards need to come to terms with. Perhaps it is high time the Yellowtards extricate themselves from the dark blanket of Yellowtardism and open their eyes to the dawn of a new era.

Source: Benigno from Get Real Philippines


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