Of Lies And Deceit: An Open Letter

The Philippines has been wrapped in a facade of lies for decades. Now that you have a president who is not of the status quo, the real nature of the drug problem is unveiled. Drugs have proliferated for decades. Your new administration is doing the first important thing, clean up! A lot of investors from other countries have not wanted to invest in the Philippines, simply because of the drug trade which has infiltrated even some of your government officials. Those who should have been the ones implementing the law from the start!

Obviously, in this massive clean up, there will be fear and unrest because, the matter of fact is, not every drug lord, drug dealer or pusher will cease their current activity within the trade, although illegal, gave them money and probably power. The drop in your stock market and the value of the peso can not be directly blamed on the current administration as the problems your country is facing such as the drug trade, have been lingering for decades. The Duterte administration simply exposed the magnitude of the country’s drug problem to the world. Once the clean up is done, then the Philippines can rise up without a veil covering anymore lies.

This is reality. There is no magic wand to fix the problems overnight. It will take time. Here is a quote I like would like to leave with you:

“Say and do something positive that will help the situation; it doesn’t take any brains to complain.” ~ Robert A. Cook.

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