The Realities Behind The Philippine Drug War

paper-mummyIt seems there are those who still believe Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been approaching the problem of illicit drugs the wrong way. What with over 3,500+ dead since he took office. If one takes the time to look back, it was pretty much a war begun in the early 1970’s by then American President, Richard Nixon. And after 40 odd years, has pretty much been a proven failure. Many believe its continual failure has been the so-called humanitarian approach, based upon the users themselves. Others have argued that legalization is the best approach. Especially since the system can them or course control the manufacture and flow of the product. As well as placing a hefty tax upon its useful distribution. There’s also been one other method at waging this war. And it’s usually the one ignored or avoided altogether.

As an elected leader, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had been transparent in presenting his agenda and intentions regarding his plan in eradicating the drug problem within Philippine society. He was elected with the voters knowing full and well his intentions in addressing the drug problem and that in itself gave him mandate to pursue this war on drugs.

We now have these human rights advocates, both local and international, that have begun to question the overall effects of this drug war in the Philippines, and along with the enormous amount of killings that have occurred, President Duterte is now being harassed with human rights violations.

philippines_drug_war_02So is there a drug problem in the Philippines? Yes. And upwards of 4 million have been identified as addicted in one form or another. So what then would be the most responsible move of a leader such as President Duterte? Isn’t it the true well-being of the people of the Philippines. If Mr Duterte did not attend to this problem as did the previous administration, couldn’t that be seen as a more disastrous violation of the peoples rights?

The focus of the oligarchy and other corporate elites, in creating so much condemnation, such as the alleged extra judicial killings and so on, just shows that they refuse to either accept or understand the full contamination of drugs within their country and the gravity and complexity of eradicating it.

Lest we forget that all these Oligarchs and Political critics who where in favor of the previous administration of the Philippines, could have attended to the growing drug problem, but as we can see, they didn’t. It has become obvious their true intentions and advocacies regarding human rights, is now purely to destabilize President Duterte’s administration. Truly their motives are not to defend the rights of the people, for if they did they would have attended to this long before Mr Duterte took office. Especially when they were supposedly in favor with the previous pack of shysters.

To create an issue now with various conspiracies involving the international press, these Filipino critics are truly seeking nothing beyond personal glory for themselves and should be viewed as traitors of the Philippines. Just imagine: how can anyone even criticize a decisive governments initiative of a war on drugs. Do they really care for the people in the Philippines? I doubt it. Just look at what’s happening around the world concerning the drug war. You will find that the Philippines has progressed so much in a short time. Far better than the decades long drug war in South America, Central America and the US itself. They have been fighting for 40 years now, and without making a dent.

Let us not be swayed by the negative publicity being conspired by those who oppose Philippine President Duterte.

Written and compiled by: Antonio Javier Belzunce and Lance Sterling


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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