Unraveling The Mystery of President Rodrigo Duterte

RaffyWhat Duterte is doing is beyond communism, beyond American imperialism, beyond what any of us is currently “thinking” the outcome would be. To understand what’s going on, we need to see the bigger picture. The “whys” behind the on-going plot to dismantle a very very powerful Oligarchy.

There are things we cannot assume based on what we have simply seen or heard from the outside. There are many things we just cannot draw conclusions from, based upon the little we know. The Duterte administration is launching a very subtle and yet very powerful campaign that will end the decades of tyranny from the Oligarchy and other global bullies.

We can no longer continue and sustain the fight against communism, given how the decades of fighting against these insurgents has proven futile. How can we win against an ideal, which is, after all, what communism is. The best way to end communism is to burn it at its roots by not giving it anymore room to do as it pleases.

Giving the communists a voice within our system, technically stops their being enemies of the state.

It is not the communists, after all, that are the greatest threat to our freedom and democracy. It is the elite Oligarchy that continues to make us believe in this pseudo democracy that Filipinos believe we have. When in fact, after EDSA 86, there has never been any real freedom for any Filipino that does not belong, even in part to these elites.

The democracy and freedom we have is nothing more than sheer illusion. This so-called freedom of speech, is nothing more than a trinket of what these elitists afford us, so that we do not get in their way.

And why the vast majority of people cannot understand this very simple truth is truly puzzling to me.

~ Raffy Gutierrez


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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One thought on “Unraveling The Mystery of President Rodrigo Duterte

  1. “Stockholm Syndrome” is probably the best way to describe why the vast majority of people cannot understand this very simple truth.

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