Philippine Senator Koko Pimentel: A Hopeless Cause

The continued silence of the senate leadership despite the very clear and very damning admission of Philippine Senator Leila De Lima that she had an extramarital affair with her married driver up until about a year ago, proves conclusively that Senator Koko Pimentel is unfit for to be senate president.

This fact should have been abundantly clear from the moment he made those deals with Frank Drilon and Tito Sotto. Deals that gave De Lima the chairmanship of the Justice Committee, which allowed her to conduct that witch hunt against President Duterte.

But despite evidence to the contrary, we wanted to give Pimentel a chance to prove himself. That he had the qualities to rise to the occasion and show the country that he can help President Duterte in his crusade to reform the Philippine government. Sadly, Koko does not appear to be up to the challenge.

It is really difficult to say this because Pimentel is a long standing ally of Duterte, but from a supporters point of view, his loyalty and/or his competence is now in question. Aside from scolding Martin Andanar for his lack of historical perspective, Pimentel has not really shown any backbone in standing up to the antics of De Lima, Sonny Trillanes, and all the other clowns within the Liberal Party.

Perhaps because he feels he owes his leadership position to Drilon and Sotto, Pimentel is slowly turning his back on his duty to the people. If this is the case, then he is definitely misreading the situation.

The power to make or break a political career no longer lies with these trapo politicians and their back room deals. It is now back with the people, where it belongs. And the people want Koko to show some decisiveness in dealing with Senator De Lima. They want the Ethics Committee to convene and investigate this government official regarding her fitness to be a Senator of the Republic.

Koko Pimentel has to show the country that he, like President Duterte, is not afraid to lose his position in order to do the right thing. If he stands for the people, the people will stand by him. If he doesn’t, well there’s always Senator Cayetano.

Written by: Elgin Castillo Lazaro III


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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