His Way: A Quick Ocular Inspection of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

jose-alejandrinoAs I kept saying, President Duterte has his way of dealing with people. He is smart, he is a strategist, he is a tactician. His way often muddles people. But it has proven to be effective. He never telegraphs his punches in advance. He creates a smoke-screen, diversions, to throw his enemies off-guard. He is more Machiavellian than people think. But that is the way to deal with his opponents. As I said before, just trust the president. He knows what he is doing.

My advice to members of his entourage including the Cabinet is the president is open to listening to dissent but do it in private not in public. That is the purpose of Cabinet meetings. Do not give the impression of division that his opponents can exploit. When you air your dissent in public, you are contributing to sabotaging the president. Concentrate on your work and produce results. That is why the president appointed you. If you cannot produce, bye bye.

My advice to businessmen is stay out of politics and focus on your business. What will you gain by meddling? It will only affect your business.

My advice to mainstream media is stay objective. Act responsibly to your readers and listeners. Don’t misinform. Otherwise you will be marginalized.

My advice to the Liberal Party is stop your silly plots. Cooperate in solving the problems of the nation. You are now being marginalized as shown by the dwindling numbers of your supporters. Obstructing merely has the opposite effect. It will bring the sledgehammer down your head when you least expect it.

The president has means of monitoring what is going on inside his government and what is happening outside. You do not need to know by what means. Don’t think he is stupid because it shows your own stupidity.

~ Jose Alejandrino


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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