What’s Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo Up To?

paper-mummyI am still curious about this never-ending deal? If the older Marcos stole so much money, where is it and why has it not been recovered? And furthermore, why was his family allowed to re-establish themselves as the heirs to the estate and principal benefactors? Surely such recovery should have been part of allowing that. It begs a lot of questions of those involved. And not just from the Marcos clan.

Thus, by converting this from an effective dismissal of Leni Robredo as HUDCC Secretary to one of an alleged ouster from her post as Vice President, Ms. Robredo has chosen to engage on a path that could be considered one of insurrection and treason in some quarters. The two events are totally unrelated. And why she chose to connect them cannot be construed as anything else. Her actions are not that of a person who has justice in mind, or the best interests of the country at heart.

The VP dispute is a matter between her, former Senator Bongbong Marcos and the Commission on Elections. It has absolutely nothing to do with current President Rodrigo Duterte, yet she is attempting to paint it as such. The whole issue stinks to high heaven as the ComElec have delayed, procrastinated, and allegedly not followed Supreme Court instructions, having seemingly removed and/or tampered with evidence.

If the interests of the country were truly the prime concern as should be, this matter would have been dealt with ages ago. It strongly suggests that if there is any collusion to defraud? It’s definitely not coming from the Marcos camp or that of the President.

~ A concerned realist


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