The Yellow Dye #5: Always Ready With Some Diversionary Tactics

And still the Yellow Dye #5 scum keep repeating the mantra of diversion, this time by saying that the government of the Retarded One already gave millions to the families of the SAF 44. These scandalous claims need to be addressed, quickly and thoroughly. First, no one is diverting attention from the Korean trader’s killing. Everyone in government, in fact, seems to be reacting to the new developments and a Senate hearing on the matter is going on unimpeded.

Diversion, as the Yellow propagandists practice it, would mean that no one is talking about the killing inside Camp Crame anymore, from the president down to the PNP chief and that every one of them is only discussing Mamasapano in order to unjustly (!) crucify the Retard. In the media trade, this is known as “stonewalling,” a propaganda specialty of the past administration. It is done by imposing a gag order or a news blackout. And by letting out only diversionary “news,” like who Noynoy is now dating or who Kris currently has the hots for. Remember?

A quick read of today’s news proves otherwise: Duterte has again apologized to the Korean people and vowed to punish the cops involved in the worst way; Justice Sec. Aguirre linked Yellow narco-general Garbo to the case; and Bato and the CIDG revealed the humongous assets of SPO3 Sta. Isabel. Just this morning, the NBI declared that they now have the missing funeral parlor owner in its custody. And all of that in the span of one day. And the Senate’s own probe, especially the revelations of Senator Lacson of shabu “planting” at a private office, aren’t even included yet.

That is diversion? Only if you’re stupid. Yellow. Or both.

If anything, it’s the Yellows doing the diversion from Mamasapano by claiming a plot to divert attention from the Korean’s killing, in order to deemphasize the new travails of their idol, Retardo of Times Street. But he won’t get off the hook this time and the media – traditional or social – is no longer under Malacanang’s control. Lastly, Baldy didn’t give out his own money but the government’s. The families owe him nothing. He, on the other hand, owes them the lives of the SAF 44; the breadwinners, fathers, brothers and sons of those they left behind.

It’s as if the SAF 44 relatives were members of Congress: Sinuhulan na kayo ng PDAF at DAP (na hindi naman pera ni Abnoy), so shut up na lang. It’s just so like the Yellows to think that this is all about money, and having given it, to think that all is now hunky-dory. And that it is now okay to call you an ungrateful servant for saying it’s not enough and that you want more, like the Medal of Valor that Retardo inexplicably withheld. It’s not even their money, or their medals, to give!

Thank God you’re no longer in power. Damn this Yellow Dye #5 Cult to Hell!

You’ll never understand that nitwit of yours needs to hang – or the equivalent – for Mamasapano. Or maybe you do, which is why you’re all so riled up.

[*] Thanks go out to JoJo A. Robles, for giving us something solid to work with.


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