A Philippine Future: Is It Business Or Personal?

The country is a mess. The Oligarchy and people with vast sums of money – warlords, drug lords, gambling lords, business lords – must be removed, and a New Order installed. Without a New Order, the future of your children is bleak, and you will be forever ruled by the incompetent children of political dynasties and those that are inherently corrupt.

There is something that common Filipinos should know: the country is not in the hands of the government, no, no, no. In the Philippines, power is split among the oligarchy, and those with very vasts sums of money – the gambling, narcos and warlords. The government is merely an appendage, manned by men and women who run the day-to-day operations. At least they try to seem like they’re working. The government is a dirty joke.

So when these interested parties lose in the selection of a president for this country, they launch the removal of that individual, as he is a threat to them all – especially when he starts to ally with all and gives no allegiance to any.

And now, those opposed are asking for help to overthrow a legitimately elected president, sending envoys to meet up with clandestine services of the US and of course a recent, shameful appeal to the UN.

To add to this mess. it looks like certain sectors are preparing for a civil war. The Philippines is overwhelmed with problems, and President Duterte is trying his best to cope. But certain politicians seem to be confused and at a loss. Senators Trillanes and Magdalo are heading towards the militarization of politics, with their initial intent of having the US et. al. declare an embargo.

The people of the Philippines should make their voices heard. There is nothing to be gained by impeaching Mr. Duterte, nor a coup by Magdalo. Let them know that what they are doing is unacceptable.

None of what they are proposing will solve the the problems you are facing with an impeachment or an embargo, nor the militarization of politics – not poverty, not unemployment, not the high illiteracy rate, the environment, population growth, or shortage of food and resources.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “One of the main freedoms man should enjoy is the freedom from fear.” Today the burden of fear and the stress of bearing it is felt by millions because of the game that is being played out by the oligarchy and those loyal to them, as well as that of the current administration. Ridding this fear means the people should come first, and not politics and special interests.

By Michael Tomelden


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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