Dark Forces And The Outrage of It All

As early as the murder of Kian Delos Santos, I have already theorized that it was the work of sinister forces meant to undermine the current administration’s war on drugs. And with this recent spate of teen related killings, this murder overdrive is a really desperate move to rouse misguided indignation. Especially with those hypocritically righteous moralists and other nitwits.

It is an evil attempt to paint Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as a murderer. It is also aimed at making a big dent so as to significantly reduce the overwhelming trust and support of the people. Remember folks, there is a lot at stake here.

A lot!

It is a seismic shift that is disrupting a hierarchy of the powerfully entrenched and privileged set. A multi-billion peso “industry” is now severely hurting, and a lot of people – syndicates, military, politicians, big business, elite, and traditional media – are being displaced, compromised, neutered and are now about to be exposed and unmasked for the evil that they truly are. Recall those films by action star Fernando Poe Jr, where his enemies and the heads of the syndicates were always a Senator, General, Governor or a Mayor? This is it!

It is as real as that.

If he were alive, I would bet that his next movie would be a true-to-life depiction, set in either Iloilo or Ozamiz. The real high and mighty scumbags are there. Starting with a sleepy but devious senator. And the saddest part of this wickedly contrived narrative is that there are a lot of intelligent, sophisticated and learned people who are still buying into all of this. Only to ram their gospel version into our collective consciousness. They are used as eloquent and articulate messengers and sound boards, to evoke a false but very vivid image of tyranny and murderous rampage.

And they make it so dramatic, so riveting, so startling, so stirring and so sensational. All with the intent to scare, horrify and induce outrage amongst us. They will even go as far as blame us too.

But then we know better. Don’t we folks?

Sorry but we are no longer buying into the drama. We reject these attempts to spin doctor reality. And truth be told? We are so sick and tired of how you try to dumb us down, and into submission.

If by killing our children and making it appear that it is our nations President – and by extension all of us – who is responsible, you are now threading the thin line of resistance and revolution.

We are fully aware, and we are fully awake. Make no mistake about it, we will resist. We will revolt.

And we will make you pay.

~ Mark Lopez


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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