The Commission on Human Rights Has Become A Hostage of The Liberal Party

The issue on Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) in the country is the only remaining viable propaganda material available for the yellows to cling to for the remaining years of the Duterte presidency. The issues on fascism, Martial Law fear, Marcos come back, corruption, South China Sea and other issues have all been exhausted to their maximum use against Digong and yet the President remained standing unscathed. While recently there is brouhaha about the supposed Ombudsman’s move to investigate on Duterte’s bank accounts, these are hyped lies which will just blow away in the next few days as unsustainable issue to pin Digong down coming off the mouth of Trillanes who now becomes a mediocre in Philippine politics. Being mere drops in the bucket who thrive only on these imagined issues, most of his antagonists have dissipated like bubbles in the air and what is left of them is a tiny population of mongoloids – an extinct number of full-blooded anti Duterte individuals either by reason of misplaced obsession or plain insanity, now pushed to the rubbles of their one last hope of claiming relevance to the country’s politics – the fictional issue on the government-sponsored killings in the country due to the drug war program of the Duterte Administration.

At the center of this propaganda machine is the Commission on Human Rights CHR) and at the helm of it all, is the man-of-the hour – Chito Gascon. The Filipino people should know the fact that Gascon is a Liberal Party Stalwart, a member of the party’s Executive Committee and was appointed by PNoy to that position during the latter’s term (2015) and whose term expires in 2022. During the Presidential elections last year, Gascon, as an Executive official of LP had worked hard in helping the candidacy of the LP’s standard bearer, Mar Roxas who performed miserably in the election results. During the September 21 Marcos Martial Law Celebration which coincided with the unveiling of the Pepe Diokno Marker at the CHR compound, all LP stalwarts from PNoy, VP Robredo, Kiko Pangilinan, Drilon, Riza Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, et als, were gathered as if the CHR Office is now LP’s main Headquarters. No shadow of a government official from the administration was ever seen in that gathering and the reasons is that the CHR compound is now LP’s turf. Yes folks, the Liberal Party claims ownership of it courtesy of Gascon, being the Chairman.

As a constitutional commission tasked to run after violations of humans rights in this country, CHR is supposed to operate as “apolitical institution”, meaning it should not involve itself into partisan political activities and its actions are not tainted with bias in favor or against the government much less the opposition. It has to operate as “politically neutral animal” in ensuring that there is credibility and acceptability on what it does for the Filipino people. More importantly, it should not allow itself to be used by certain groups for political ends. The government funds its operations out of the taxpayers’ money and it is therefore a grave betrayal of its mandate for CHR to become an instrument of destabilization effort against our government. It is like biting the hand that feeds it – a trait of being a traitor and whose ungrateful acts deserve the strongest condemnation by the Filipino people.

However, the Liberal party and the Opposition are stuck in such a desperate situation of finding an opportunity to get a piece of Duterte and are therefore unwilling to let go of the CHR being their last remaining line of offense against the government. Without it, LP becomes a history insofar as the politics of this country is concerned. Hence, Gascon’s butt is heavily glued on his position as CHR Chair regardless of how people look at him and his LP colleagues are willing to fight tooth and nail to keep him there even if his balls (if any) will be glued to permanence as well. Yes folks, CHR is clearly held hostage by the Liberal Party to serve its political agenda. And we therefore have to contend with these human rights political circus while Gascon remains as the Chair who takes the queue from his masters from the LP echelon.

While appointed heads of constitutional bodies like CHR enjoy a fixed term of office, propriety dictates that Gascon should leave his office out of delikadeza. His being a stalwart of the Liberal Party which is at odds with the Duterte government on its drug war program and human rights issue as well as his role in campaigning for Mar Roxas during last year’s elections speak ill of his credibility and capacity to become objective and “apolitical” in discharging his mandated functions. His continued association with the LP and the opposition has tarnished the reputation of the CHR which is now considered as LP machinery being used by the opposition to fight the government in the name of alleged human rights violations. For the Filipino people, it is an imagined issue being concocted at the CHR to serve the interest of the Liberal Party to the detriment of the government’s efforts of finally ending the havoc and destruction brought by the drug industry against the moral fibers of our society for which the previous administration, the religious leaders and the human rights activists seem to care less or none at all.

LP’s control of the CHR via Gascon has politicized the image of that institution. It is gravely unfair for the honest-to-goodness thousands of CHR employees working faithfully in discharging their mandated tasks on the promotion and protection of the human rights in this country. They are now suffering the brunt of all this political circus and the backlash they have endure which they do not deserve at all and should have not been involved with on the first place. As a constitutional body, they have to be on the neutral ground when it comes to politics. On the other hand, the Filipino people are likewise denied of their right to avail of the services of the CHR in their quest to fight against human rights abuses particularly those perpetrated by the scalawags in the government service. These human rights violations are still rampant and we are counting on the CHR’s role in helping them seek justice. But with the damaged image the CHR is suffering now, victims of Human rights violations would rather go somewhere else for fear of being used by the CHR in their political vendetta against the government.

You may recall how Senator De Lima paraded the supposed CHR witnesses (with covered faces) on the victims of the government’s drug war program during Senate hearings. Clearly, she used those witnesses purely on political grandstanding to malign the Duterte administration and not to seek justice for the victims. For if indeed she had the goods against the perpetrators, appropriate cases should have been filed in competent courts where those witnesses can shed light with court protection instead of using them in Senate investigations in aid of legislation which will never result to court conviction and retribution. Where are the witnesses now, Senator De Lima? – Sanamagan!

The Filipino people are aghast at how Gascon surreptitiously maneuvered to invite to the Philippines Agnes Callamard, the UN Human Rights Rapporteur who maligned our country and President Duterte before the UN and the world by maliciously portraying a dismal human rights situation of the Philippines due to killings in the name of the drug war. Gascon also has worked with mercenary institutions and paid hacks like the Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International and other international institutions who worked doubly hard in destroying our country’s image in the name of human rights. CHR has become the source of the malicious reports and distorted facts about the killings in our country which are picked up by international mainstream media which paved the way for an orchestrated global attacks against Duterte, thereby calling him a murderer of his own people which Filipinos abhor and will never believe. And worst of all, you recall the role played by Gascon in putting that infamous video message of VP Robredo before the UN Human Rights Body which effectively tried to destroy our country’s image with all the grievous lies embedded thereon. And you can go on with litany of Gascon’s treasonous acts committed against the government and Filipino people as a result of his political maneuvering.

As LP hostage, CHR has now become an instrument of the destruction of our country as treacherously manipulated by Gascon rather than as an instrument of seeking justice for victims of human rights violations in our country.

When the House of Representatives threatened to allocate on Php 1,000 to the budget of CHR for next year, there was a howl of indignation from the activists and righteous human rights champions of this country, propagating their banner story “Php 1,000 is the cost of human rights in the Philippines”. Fuckin’ idiots. You got the message wrong. The clear message of the Filipino people is this: CHR is used by LP and Gascon as its milking cow for resources to be used in destabilizing our country and its government. It has got to stop. It’s a stern warning to let LP know of the government’s displeasure on LP’s manipulative scheme in using the government resources for its political agenda against the administration. It is malicious, obscene, and heinous to say the least. If you can’t read that message then you are either an ingrate idiot or plain brainless.

And for those morons around the world who blindly took the cheap propaganda of LP hook line and sinker, as if, it is the gospel truth, the issue in this country is not the human rights cost. It is about Chito Gascon who is now prostituting the issue of human rights in our country to his political party’s advantage and interest. It is a shameful act which Filipinos will have to deal with soon and head on. We believe that there are far better and much more qualified individuals in this country who is capable of leading CHR as a politically neutral institution in fighting for the human rights of the Filipino people. These are people whose unblemished records in human rights cause are beyond reproach and would certainly insult the qualifications of a political animal like Gascon.

Let us now spare CHR with politics by liberating it from the control of the Liberal Party (LP). In the name of justice and in the protection of the interest of all CHR employees who truly serve the Filipino people around the country and to redeem the tarnished image of the institution mandated to protect and promote the people’s human rights, let us free CHR from Gascon’s manipulative political scheme and all his minions from the LP who are lurking at the CHR compound before it is too late.

By; Jun Avelino

Featured image sourced from Esquire Philippines


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