The Fake News Face of Ugliness

There is an active purveyor of FAKE NEWS named Raissa Robles who has idiotically claimed that Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s proposal to shift away from the current Unitary-Presidential System towards a Federal-Parliamentary System is a way in order for him to establish ONE-MAN RULE.

Utter hogwash and absolute STUPIDITY!

First of all, no one establishes “one man rule” when he is already in his seventies. Duterte is 72 and actually wants to retire soon.

Secondly, shifting from a Unitary to a Federal structure of territorial administration actually means lessening the power of the central government, which means that the power that Duterte currently wields as President and head of the central government will diminish as Federalism aims to devolve power away from the center and empower the regions. Going from Unitary to Federal is not consistent with the “one man rule” narrative that this idiot Raissa Robles tries to peddle to unsuspecting and ignorant fools.

Thirdly, shifting from a Presidential to a Parliamentary form of government means two major things:

(1) President Duterte’s position as President of the Republic will gradually be transitioned into more of a ceremonial and symbolic role, with the bulk of real executive power being wielded mostly by the Prime Minister.

(2) The position of Prime Minister that will be created will be handed over to a leading member of the majority bloc in the legislature’s lower house, and will be a position that cannot make unilateral decisions because in a parliamentary system, the Prime Minister is merely first among equals. As such, his role is as the head of the majority bloc, and only governs collegially with the express consent of the majority within the legislature.

Parliamentary Systems are consensus-based and collegial/collective in nature and therefore the Prime Minister cannot unilaterally force his/her ideas on the rest of parliament and must instead convince his/her party-mates and colleagues who form the majority to accept his/her ideas based on the merits.

Duterte will never want to be Prime Minister at his late age as the Premiership is an extremely stressful position – always requiring consensus-building and ensuring collegial consent. His position as President will gradually transition towards a largely powerless ceremonial role, in which whatever reserved powers his position as Head of State will wield can only be wielded in a purely procedural “by-the-book” fashion rather than at his own personal discretion.

How can that even be anything close to “one man rule?”

So if Duterte is moving from the current Unitary-Presidential towards a Federal-Parliamentary System, how can that in any way represent a direction towards “one man rule” when Federalization means lessening the power of the central government of which Duterte is currently the leader in order to empower the regional authorities, and when shifting towards a Parliamentary System means gradually diminishing the real powers that the President will have since most powers will have to be transferred to the Prime Minister (Head of Government) and Duterte’s position of President (Head of State) will eventually be reduced to become a mostly ceremonial one?

Stupid, right?

It’s proven: Raissa Robles is a liar, a purveyor of fake news, and a FOOL.

Please make sure that Raissa Robles and her fugly and obnoxiously arrogant husband Alan Robles get a copy of this.

By: Orion D. Perez


Just a regular "Joe" who decided the rat-race in the states was getting to ridiculous for words, and made the move to the Asian side of life.

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