Arguing Against The Embedded Filipino Mindset

You’ve just finished what you thought had been a debate. Something you were hoping would have been filled with critical thought, as well as imaginative discourse. Only to discover, upon stepping back a bit. The person(s) you may have been arguing with, have taken on that all too familiar shape. [*]

The brick wall.

Really? How many times have any of us come across this very same scenario? Now granted, this mentality isn’t something unique only to the Philippines. But for some strange reason, appears to be worse. With many asking, Why? A question I shall attempt to answer, up to this point in time of course. But first, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, so as to get a better picture of where all this silliness may have begun.

[Dateline Manila: Feb 1986] – Through the use of the Catholic Church’s mass hypnosis, the Filipino people were conned into parading themselves into the streets, to back the oppositions need to get rid of then President, Ferdinand Marcos. It worked. The people sang and danced. Meanwhile, the then-in-control Liberal Party went straight to work.

Under the guise of freedom and democracy, the oligarchy and other elite went about doing everything they could to protect their new interests. And they did so in a manner that suited their needs perfectly. They created what has come to be known as the 1987 Cory Constitution. A document that appears to benefit the nation and her people. But in reality, is meant to protect only those who wrote it. And absolutely no one else. Which leads us to the logic behind this writing. The people themselves.

“Oh, about 5,000 years or so ago. A small group of religious and political hustlers got together to decide on a way to control people. They knew people were basically stupid, and would believe anything they were told. So they come up with the Ten Commandments. Waaaaay up on a mountain, where no one was around. God gave them, the Ten Commandments.” ~ George Carlin

The above statement rings true, and does so, ten-fold with the Filipino people. Especially the younger crowd raised up since that fateful day in 86. Through mass propaganda on the airwaves. Mythical educational materials. You name it? The powers-that-be drove it home like a 10-pennie nail. And after 3 decades (That’s 30 years) appear to have succeeded on a number of fronts. Luckily for us, there was a “dark horse” looming. Something these powerful shysters never saw coming. And when it arrived, they had near zero defense.

Social Media.

Over the last 10 years or so, the Internet has seen an explosion of social networking. From the early days of MySpace and Friendster. To the current force known as Facebook. These platforms, right or wrong. Good or bad. Finally gave the millenial culture a place to call their own. Or so they thought.

With the 2013 mid-term elections, the Filipino youth saw the ruling elite, once again, trying to muscle into their world. The days of school books pushing the “Aquino family is great” bullshit were no longer needed. Because now the Liberal Party and its army of supportive minions could flood the Internet with the very same shit, and ram it home faster than a nail gun. But it was too late. The Filipino people, young and old alike, had managed to re-educate themselves. Through research, information exchange, and plain old cross-talk. They were able to learn how to decide for themselves as to what they believed was the truth. Maybe not all of them. But the damage (from the Liberal Party perspective) had been done. And the reality of it, all came crashing down around them, on one fateful day.

May 29th. 2016

A simple man. Someone the people could more closely relate to, was elected President. Rodrego Duterte, at times a controversial figure then and now, has proven to be more of what the people really longed for. A no-nonsense realist. He doesn’t belong to the wealthy elite of Manila. He’s never come across as another oligarch. He’s just another average guy, trying to do his job. And the people love it. All except the old guard that is. The wealthy Liberal Party shysters who built themselves an empire while the rest of the nation suffered. And they will be damned if they’re about to let all that go.

Which brings back around to the current, brick wall ignorance of the Filipino people today. I recently spent nearly 2 days bantering back and forth with one such maroon, who had posted an article “claiming” Mr. Duterte had compared himself to National hero, Jose Rizal. When I could find no such claim, I questioned his logic. Practically up to the point of when I decided to write this article, he’s beat around the bush, arguing everything from “reading between the lines” to even dumber shit such as, “understanding the overall context.” All the president had stated was (Read Full Article Here), he wished to die by firing squad, as had Rizal. This is not a direct comparison of himself to another. He still insisted that he was blaspheming the memory of a martyr. Give me a break, why don’t you?

This very bullheaded ignorance has basically revealed itself to be the remnants of 30 years of educational system brainwashing. And this very same brain dead mental block is what has people arguing against the current shift towards the more improved, time tested system of a Federalized Parliament.

But that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

[*] – This is not meant to be a representative indictment of the Filipino mentality as a whole. Just an annoyingly small part.


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