Confusion In The Philippines: What’s The Matter With These People?

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been privy to an assortment of news, rumors, shit and bullshit, when it comes to recent events in the Philippines. The latest of which is, the ICC (International Criminal Court) announcing their Preliminary Examination into allegations of human rights abuses against current Philippine President, Rodrego Duterte. Now, while this may seem to some as a major setback for their controversial leader? It is, in reality, nowhere near the end of the road for the man.

From the moment he took office in June of 2016, the man’s been riding a wave of allegations and whatnot. All the while, maintaining one of the highest ratings of any president in recent memory. And yet, the opposition continues in their pathetic, now highly desperate attempts to discredit him in the eyes of not only his own people, but the international community. Which begs the question:

“What’s The Matter With These People?”

God only knows really. With every election cycle, these people are given what appears to be a golden opportunity to elect a new batch of public servants. Be it the Senatorial mid-terms, to the President. Sadly, they can never seem to get it right. Now of course this can be due to an assortment of issues. Be it election fraud. Vote buying, or just plain ignorance. The moment the new batch gets into their respective seats, the bullshit starts flying. These folks haven’t begun to warm their new chairs, and the people are complaining.

From the every Juan, to the opposition. The Philippines as a nation can never seem to agree on anything. And whether anyone wants to admit it? All this shit started in February 1986, when you so foolishly placed an overrated, inexperienced housewife in the drivers seat. Now this is not meant to say getting rid of former President Marcos was a bad move. I am simply saying, what has happened since then, has only made things worse.

Which brings us back to the ICC now sticking their nose into the picture. Social media has seen the opposition nitwits dancing in the streets, trying to sell the idea that an actual investigation has begun, when it hasn’t. All the ICC has said is, We are beginning our preliminary examination of things. This move alone could take years people. Afghanistan for instance, has been going on since 2003. And Colombia since 2002, having only reached the level of admissibility. In short: The Philippines, at this point, is simply on a watch-list of sorts. Even Philippine Senator, Antonio Trillanes (who coincidentally is in the U.S. making noise on the subject) has made it appear as if it was his meddling that made it all happen. When in reality, the ICC has admitted it was due to a complaint filed by an attorney, regarding the deposition of alleged informant, Edgar Matobato. A shady little character who is himself, a less than credible individual.

Even Philippine American, Loida Nicolas Lewis has been dragged into the mix, with allegations of collusion centering around a “leaked” phone conversation possibly involving the ICC and other players. Whether it’s true or not? It’s clear the Filipino people (in certain circles) are not satisfied with things…. again.

So then? What’s it going to take to satisfy you people once and for all?

Maybe it’s time you finally make the move to a Federalized Parliament? At least that way, if you’re not satisfied with someone. You can enjoy a vote of “no confidence” and see the shyster gone before the lunch break. No more bullshit antics. No more grandstanding on the Senate floor. No more trial by media. Nothing. Just a cleaner, more honest system of government, doing all it can to finally have your nation move forward, in a progressive manner.

At least this way, you can get your daily dose of Eat Bulaga, without having to worry about much else.


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