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First and foremost: We shall never ask you to take any of what we have to tell you, as God’s gospel. Our primary purpose is to inform, educate and above all else, make you the reader think about things. In short: Don’t take our word. Go out and do some research of your own. Otherwise, how will you become a more informed individual? So… Having said that. Let’s get started now, shall we?

The Stagnant Filipino was born of Crossover Magazine. We began as a “breakaway” site in 2015 with the intention of focusing more on the political arena of the Philippines. And the continual negative effects it has been plaguing the nation and her people.

Our digital publication, which acts as an expose’ of the Philippine Political Arena, entitled: Apo Macoy asks… “How Did My People Get So Fuckin’ Stupid?” is available as a free download to your favorite Android or Blackberry device. (Tablet is recommended)

Although some have labeled the publication as pro-Marcos. It is not. It’s actually a brutal attack on the average Filipino and their voting logic. This too, sparked some controversy as most Filipino’s assumed we were calling the entire population stupid. This of course was never our intention, as the country’s politicians are obviously intelligent on many levels. How else would they be where they are today, if it wasn’t for the voters being so stupid as to believe their lies and other bullshit. Dba?

Since most seem to be “cruising for a bruising” on the digital streets of Facebook and other social media outlets, we decided to create this website, and take our harsh opinions of the voting public to the Profiles, Pages and Groups of the Facebook community. And to our surprise — as well as the readers — we were met with an enormous, positive reaction.

Of course there are always a few rotten eggs in the basket, who either can’t deal with the truth in such a brutal sense. And we always try and make them understand the pretzel logic of what we are trying to convey to our readers. Always harping on with the, “Where did you get your facts” shit, we usually ask them to take a few moments and read a few of our articles. For if they actually had taken the time to do so, they would have discovered a number of our articles are taken directly from reputable sources, quotes and what-not. While the rest of our work is based on first-hand knowledge and other experiences.

So please, take the time to read what we have to offer. And before you pass judgement on something you may not know shit about. Do the following first:

  1. Remove the assumption that our work is opposite to your mindset.
  2. Open your mind to what you are about to read, and hopefully absorb.
  3. Understand we are not trying to re-write history.
  4. Do not react defensively to what you just read.
  5. And most important. THINK about what you just read!!

So relax and enjoy what we have for you. And although some of what we have to say might “sting” a bit. It’s only meant to wake you up to what’s happening to you and your nation.

That’s what makes “controversy” so much fun.

15 thoughts on “About The Stagnant Filipino

  1. First time to read your publication. Seems at par with if not better than what I usually read from RP or even here. Will read more issues, hopefully you keep them as good.

  2. You said “A number of our articles are taken directly from reputable sources, quotes and what-not”. Not really. For example you said that ” Unemployment, poverty and crime are at unprecedented levels” but based on world bank data” Poverty is now half(25%) of what it was in 1985 (50%). Full of deception.

    1. Obviously Irene failed basic math. Let’s see if I can give her a hand now. Shall we?

      1985: Philippine population was roughly 52 million. 23 million “supposedly” living in poverty. Thus, maybe 50%
      2015: Philippine population exceeds 100 million. An estimated 32 million living in poverty. Thus, closer to 30%

      Which translates to an INCREASE in the poverty numbers now. doesn’t it? Glad I could help folks.

        1. Sure do lady. Do the math (if you can). In 1986, when Marcos left. the population was roughly 52 million. And with around 24-26 million people “supposedly” living in poverty. You have 50%.

          Now you have a population of close to 110 million people. This includes the OFW’s as well. And with nearly 34 million people living in poverty today. That number equates to around 30%. Give or take.

          Thus, 24 million in 1986. And 34 million today. That’s an INCREASE of 10+ million people. See how EASY and BASIC the math is?

          Side note: The current administration has made the silly claim of 12 million “families” living in poverty, so as to create the “illusion” of a decrease. Well… Considering the average Filipino FAMILY has between 4 to 5 members per household these days. That puts the number at a staggering 48-60 million people. And out of 110 million total. That’s a pretty FUCKED UP situation in this country. But then again. The current administration has been pretty fucked up in its pathetic attempts at running the country anyway.

          1. LOL! This is a hilarious exchange. It’s like saying 50% of 2 is greater than 20% of 10. As you say, some go “cruisin for a bruisin…” Sorry, but they not not let these people near a keyboard without a leash. 😀

      1. Jacques,

        Your very patronizing answers to legitimate questions from Irene and Tala go against your own advise above to keep an open mind. So how can I take you seriously that you don’t have an agenda and just wants to report on what is “happening” around us? Can’t you just answer without the condescending words? Geez

        In absolute terms yes there may be around 10 million more living in poverty. However, this came out of a larger population base than before. The population obviously grew since 1985. In 1985 for every 10 Filipinos there are roughly 5 living in poverty (50%) as per your calculation. While in 2015 it is down to only 3 Filipinos (or 30%). It is in a way an improvement although I am not saying 32 million living in poverty is necessarily a good thing.

        1. Last year, BS Aquino claimed only 12 million families were now living below the poverty line. Really now? Let’s see. The average Filipino family contains between 4 or 5 people. Multiply that by 12, and you suddenly come up with 48 to 60 million people living in poverty. The bottom line is this. You can throw all the charts and numbers you like. It makes no difference. Poverty is still poverty. And the Philippines has reached criminal levels in the poverty dept.

  3. I just discovered this site today and thanks for building this site! I’m feeling so happy and excited in reading more of your articles! Thank you also to all the people who made TSF possible…mabuhay kayong lahat!

  4. This is simply insulting. Inviting us to read your articles, open our mind and absorb … Mind u, absorb. If that’s not downright insulting. To top it all, we are a country populated by “idiots” posted by Jacques Phillip. Do u get a kick out of these articles while mingling with so many idiots left, right, everywhere, anywhere from Batanes to Jolo. And u are expats living in this country rubbing our very noses where it will hurt like a good sound kick in the solar plexus. And surprise of all surprises — my countrymen actually applaud u, and thank u and hope to read more of ur insults. Why is the electorate blamed for electing the unworthy into positions they either are ill equipped for or abuse their positions for self-aggrandizement. Why don’t we see the elected who prove unworthy as the oppressors; the abusers, the misleaders, the ones who could have made a difference in the life of every Filipino but chose to serve their own interests at the expense of the illiterate, the easily swayed, the marginalized long-suffering Filipino who had the bad judgment to vote for an “idiot”. The idiotic voter are victims of a long entrenched stagnant socio-economic, geo-political structure, and education that does not stress the core importance of a moral backbone. That’s why many public servants are corrupt. You have read about those who have betrayed the public trust, stealing millions and get away with it — and yes, before you say we deserve it, look upon those who voted for that person as victims: It will take years to overhaul systemic inefficiencies, inequalities in the access to education and jobs to pull a marginalized Filipino from the morass of poverty and ignorance. And you call our country a ****ed up country and still u stay in this country. With all the problems our country faces, we as a people have stood thru all these historical debacles. The Filipino is worth living for.

    1. While I respect your opinion. I’d have to say, “That’s rich, coming from someone who lives in Mountain View, CA.” The term idiots, has been applied to a group or culture that seems to enjoy continually electing the VERY same class of shysters to public office. And then further enjoys whining and bitching about all the corruption going on around them. And please. With everything you’ve brought upon YOURSELVES as voters. Don’t give me this crap about standing through it all. Yet, YOU are now enjoying your little life in the South Bay area of San Francisco. That’s being pretty hypocritical on your part. And please. Don’t give me that shit about having to go work abroad to help your family. Whose fault is that? Right now, you’re all demanding change. Rodrigo Duterte is the ONLY one willing to give it to you. And more than likely, at the last minute, you’ll all end up choosing another pathetic loser, like Binay, Poe or Roxas. Just because you either know the name. Or REALLY don’t want the change. So to you little Miss ExPat. I say, GROW UP!!

  5. To the administrator @ thestagnantfilipino.com

    Pls delete my earlier comment.
    As a Filipino who values this country and her countrymen, with all the problems, warts and all, i still believe in us, in this country.
    I could not help but be offended by the statement: “It’s actually a brutal attack on the average Filipino and their voting logic.”

  6. It would have been Pro-Marcos Propaganda Desire…

    Martial Law and Marcos yers were golden age. If we bury FM in LMNB, be it historical revisionism of golden age of Martial Law and Marcos.

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