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This digital expose’ has been designed to educate and inform the average Filipino of what has happened to their country, over the course of the last 29+ years, since the EDSA1 People Power disaster. While some might assume by the title, that this publication is some kind of pro-Marcos book. That is about as far from the truth as can be accepted. It’s sole intention is to be an assault on the senses.

Starting with the legendary EDSA1, People Power Disaster. We nail the reader well-below the belt on almost every subject imaginable. Such as:

  • Defining the stupid Filipino voter. And why they do what they do?

  • Understanding The Philippine Oligarchy. And the highly immoral House and Senate.

  • TV Show Stupidity. And its ridiculous hosts. As well as the stupid viewers.

  • The ComElec and their endless political pay-offs.

  • The rapidly failing Educational system. How did this happen?

So! For those of you with weak constitutions. As well constantly feeling butt hurt at the slightest little critique about the Philippines and its people. I say, “You have been warned.” [2]

Simply “Right-click” on the link below and choose “Save Link As…” [3]

How Did My People Get So Fuckin Stupid

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[2] At times this publication may use harsh or crude language to convey its point. It’s nothing personal. So get over it.

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20 thoughts on “Apo Macoy

  1. Blaming Ferdinand Marcos for all that’s wrong in your lives.
    30 years later. Still believing Marcos is the fault of it all.
    Defending the belief that all Filipino’s are victims.
    Claiming President BS Aquino is the nations best-ever President.

  2. he created syndicate of thieves in his time called cronies so that is why the corruption of the Philippines spread until now

    1. Anthony Dela Rico? My old friend!! How’s life in Tracy treating you these days? I heard Stockton and other parts of northern California were finally getting some rain? Anyway… Try and be a little more REALISTIC when you make any snide comments when it comes to the corruption plaguing the Philippines these days? Especially when you DO NOT even reside there any more. And you can “blame” Marcos for the corruption, til the cows come home boy. Because EVERY bullshit leader since your precious Saint Cory, has taken whatever Marcos may have done. And turned it into a bigger nightmare. So much so, that it makes Marcos appear like a street beggar when compared to today’s standards.

  3. Hi, I’ve downloaded it in my Android tablet, and now that I’m trying to install it, my tablet says “your tablet is set to block the installation”. Please tell me what to do, thanks.

    1. Go to Settings/Security. And then choose, “unknown Sources.” This allows you to install Apps and Games from suppliers and vendors that are “outside” the Google Play Store.

      Hope this helps you.

  4. Whenever the present administration failed to uplift the economic status of the people, it always blame the past, without admitting nor blaming itself for not having a solution.

      1. Yeah.. It’s just too small. But it’s ok. Only the first pages bothers me. Do you mind if i convert it to pdf and spread it? Thanks.

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