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This is the so-called privacy policies of The Stagnant Filipino

1. Unlike a social networking site, like MySpace or Facebook. we do not permit the registration of accounts, unless otherwise authorized or permitted.

2. Since there are no accounts. Then no one has to truly be concerned with any privacy issues.

3. Enjoy your stay.

8 thoughts on “Our Little Privacy Page

      1. I am very thankful for all the articles that I have been reading here. I am aware about the things being talked about but not knowledgeable enough to comment or engaged in discussion on the intricacies of the subject. Now I have a good source about the truth. I have 2 young grandsons and I want them to learn Philippine history the right way. Salamat po and more power.

          1. This is the kind of blog i should have been reading all along. Everything written in this blog reflects on my current mindset.

            To start off, I am a disgusted member of the cult Iglesia ni Cristo, and I have come to realize that as long as don’t explore the other side, I will never know anything more. The INC also believes in the mantra “the less you know, the better off you will be.” It also has an “us or them” mentality which reflects that if you’re not with us, you’re with them, the enemy. And I’m proud to be with the “enemy.” Not just the INC, but also the Catholic Church, coupled with the fatalistic, “hope and faith in God,” and “bahala na” mindset of Filipinos today, have degenerated us as a people. I have gone atheist because there is such thing as “God.” The only reason I was trained to believe in “fear of God” is because of the fatalistic culture of the Filipino and how religious authorities manipulated my mind to accept it as the truth. But I found my way and now I’m no longer afraid to speak what’s on my mind.

            I used to be a voter too but I surrendered my voter’s ID because I can no longer trust the current system. Your articles are indeed refreshing from an ordinary Filipino’s perspective. Hope you will have more articles such as these.

  1. This is the kind of blog that Filipino should read, article that we should share to wake up those who still can. No matter how you write or share article in social media concerning about what’s really going on in our country nobody wants to read it but if you post picture of what you ate then they go rushing to like it.

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